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Eric Andrew Heisserer
1970, USA

-   'Christine Boylan' (qv) (23 October 2010 - present)

-   Created the web cult hit, "Dionaea House," which was in responsible for his being discovered by Hollywood.

-   Son of Margaret L. Heisserer and Andrew J. Heisserer of Norman, Oklahoma; Son-in-law of Maria A. Boylan of Ronkonkoma, Long Island, New York and Peter M. Boylan of Port Richmond, Staten Island, New York.

-   (October 2010) Los Angeles, California

-   "Writers Store eZine" (USA), 28 April 2006, Iss. 96, by: Christie Taylor, "Interview with the 'Stranger Adventures' Writing Team"

-   "Script Magazine" (USA), November 2006, Vol. 12, Iss. 6, pg. 24-27, by: John Scott Lewinski, "Mobisodes"

-   "Creative Screenwriting" (USA), September 2006, Vol. 13, Iss. 5, pg. 10, by: Sean Kennelly & Gavin Hartnett, "Adventures on the New Frontier"

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  1. Story of Your Life (2014) (executive producer)


  1. Speechless (2008) (TV) (technical team)