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5' 6"

-   Megan considers herself primarily to be an improviser (improv comedy). She has studied at the Groundlings, Second City, Unexpected Productions, the National Theater Insitute, and the Moscow Art Theater. Youngest of three. Has an older sister, Lindsey Anne Hescock (1977), and an older brother, Adam Bates Hescock (1979). Megan's father has been married four times, and her mother has been married three times. They have accumulated five divorces between them. Her father passed away unexpectedly on New Year's Eve, 2009.

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Acting in movies

  1. Four Dead Batteries (2004)


  1. Crippled Creek (2005) (script supervisor)
  2. Four Dead Batteries (2004) (script supervisor)
  3. A Relative Thing (2003) (script supervisor)