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5' 11"
Actor Christian Higgins is the son of Pam and Jim Higgins. He has a twin sister, Carley, and an older brother, Bo. He was educated at McEachern High School in Georgia. Christian initially started acting in stage plays, musicals, and live performances when he was a teenager. After high school, in June 2011, Christian enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve. He transitioned into film acting in February 2012 after completing Army training. Since then he has worked extensively to further his experience and knowledge in the film industry. In March of 2012 Christian doubled for Kevin Bacon in the pilot episode of "The Following." That role jump-started his career and gave him an even stronger motivation to continue following his passion for acting.
Christian Higgins

-   (December 2012) Music video for the artist Lynn Tate - Assistant Director (November 2012) TV commercial for Doritos - Actor

-   (October 2012) Atlanta, GA, USA: Seeking role in a TV show.

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