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Kane Warren Hodder
Cement Head
8 April 1955, Auburn, California, USA
6' 3 1/2"

-   'Susan B. Hodder' (? - present); 2 children

-   Wears gloves at signing events, so he doesn't "leave fingerprints." In actuality, the gloves are worn to cover burn marks from a stunt mishap in the eighties.

-   He played Jason Voorhees from 1988's _Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)_ (qv) to _Jason X (2001)_ (qv).

-   Says he's been told he was the largest baby ever born in Auburn, California (11 pounds, nine ounces).

-   At the time of its release, he said _Jason X (2001)_ (qv) was his favorite Friday the 13th in which he played Jason. In the years that followed, he changed his mind and stated that _Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)_ (qv) is his favorite, though he stills says that "Jason X" is the best written and best-made film in the series.

-   A good portion of his body was burned badly in a stunt mishap during the late 1970's. He suffered third degree burns over 50% of his body.

-   One funny story that he likes to tell is that during the filming of _Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)_ (qv), his dressing room was a quarter of a mile down this dirt road. One night filming ended at at 2 a.m. and he was still in the Jason costume, and he decided to walk through the woods on a path to his dressing room. As he was walking someone approached him and asked if he was with the movie. He didn't reply, because he thought it was a pretty stupid question to ask, as he was standing there in full Jason costume. The man asked again, Kane took a little lunge for the guy and grunted. The guy took off, tripping and running. The next day director 'John Carl Buechler' (qv) told Kane that the local sheriff was supposed to stop by, but he never showed.

-   He spends time working with children in burn centers.

-   Among his contributions to the Jason Voorhees character, Kane said that Jason should never have to run after his victims, nor would he hurt children and animals.

-   Aside from being the only actor to reprise the role of Jason Voorhees, he has also been the only actor to play three of the most infamous horror icons in the history of horror films. Besides playing Jason Voorhees in four different films, he also played Freddy Krueger's gloved hand at the end of _Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)_ (qv) and did the stunts for Leatherface in _Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990)_ (qv).

-   Has the word "Kill!" tatooed on the back of his bottom lip.

-   One of his favorite death scenes from his tenure as Jason Voorhees was the scene in _Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988)_ (qv) where he picks up the girl in the sleeping bag and bashes her into the tree, a scene he recreated in _Jason X (2001)_ (qv). Ironically, Kane said that he actually had difficulty pulling the original stunt off because the dummy that was in the bag was heavier than he thought it would be, so he had to re-shoot the scene over and over again because no matter how hard he swung the bag the director kept telling him it didn't look right. On the final take, Kane was so fed up with the situation that he threw bag on the ground and kicked in frustration. That was the shot that ended up in the film.

-   Despite the roles he often plays (most notably Jason Voorhees), Hodder has often been described as a very friendly man, and loves to meet his fans.

-   During his recurring roles as Jason Voorhees, he has often disagreed with directors over things the script originally called for him to do. He's been known to look at the director and say, from behind the mask, "Jason wouldn't do that."

-   Two sons, named Jace and Reed.

-   Says that 13 is a recurring number in his life. The street he lives on has 13 houses. He has appeared in four of the Friday the 13th movies. He wears a size thirteen shoe. And many other things.

-   The indie-hardcore band "Kane Hodder" was named after him. The band asked permission from Hodder before naming their band such, which he happily granted.

-   Jason was supposed to kick the main character's dog near the climax of _Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)_ (qv). Kane refused, saying Jason may kill people but he's not bad enough to kick a dog.

-   Was set to play Jason Voorhees' father Elias, in two movies. The first was a scene omitted from the script at the last minute of _Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)_ (qv), and the second was from David Schow's script for _Freddy vs. Jason (2003)_ (qv).

-   Loves heavy metal music and is good friends with 'Rob Zombie' (qv) and 'Kirk Hammett' (qv) from 'Metallica' (qv).

-   Is a fan of Detroit-based underground hip hop group 'Insane Clown Posse' (qv).

-   Joel Schumacher wanted him to play as Bane in 'Batman & Robin' (1997).

-   His all-time favorite film is _The Exorcist (1973)_ (qv), other favorites include _Red Hill (2010)_ (qv), _Se7en (1995)_ (qv), _Monster (2003)_ (qv) and _Shutter Island (2010)_ (qv).

-   Michael Aloisi. _Kill! The True Story of the World's Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer._ Springfield, MA: AuthorMike Dark Ink, 2011.

-   Kane Hodder (with Michael Aloisi). _Unmasked - The True Story of the World's Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer._ Wilbraham (MA): AuthorMike Ink, 2011. ISBN 0984580131

-   [when asked his thoughts on Jason's look in _Freddy vs. Jason (2003)_ (qv), in which he did not play Jason] I guess they wanted Jason to look like a skinny little bitch this time.

-   [commenting on his exclusion from _Freddy vs. Jason (2003)_ (qv)] I won't be unemployed. But I will resent the hell out of the fact that somebody else is wearing that mask.

-   [when asked about the ending of _Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989)_ (qv)] That was the scene I disliked most, where Jason turns into a little boy at the end of Part VIII. Somehow in 'Rob Hedden' (qv)'s mind, I think, it was a valid ending and he knew what he wanted, but I don't think it was presented so that people could understand it. I hated that whole ending. And I fought it to the bitter end, but I was overruled. That's why I pushed to ignore that ending when we began _Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)_ (qv).

-   [when asked about being a stunt double for actors getting paid a fortune) Not only do they get paid millions of dollars, but then they go on talk shows and say they did all their own stunts. That happens all the time. I've seen actors from movies I've worked saying they did all their own stunts. There is no actor who does all their own stunts, period. Don't listen to any of them. They may do a few of them. Not even 'Jackie Chan (I)' (qv). He probably does the most stunts [himself], though.

-   Attitude is everything when it comes to the character. I'm real natural when it comes to looking scary. If you're not seriously trying to frighten people, then the fear these movies are intended to generate doesn't come across. I truly try to scare the shit out of people all the time. Between takes, in the make-up trailer, you never know when I'm going to scare you.

-   (October 2010) Currently Kane plays the lead role of Victor Crowley in Adam Green's Hatchet series. He is also writing his official biography called, Kill! The True Story of the World's Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer, with author Michael Aloisi.

-   _Jason X (2001)_ (qv) -> $100,000

-   "Really Scary" (USA), 2003, by: Valarie Thorpe, "Kane Hodder Gets Expressive"

-   "Fangoria Horror Spectacular" (USA), January 1994, Iss. 9, pg. 14-16, by: Marc Shapiro, "Jason's Judgement"

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  3. Fallen Angels (2006) (associate producer)