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Ira Allen Sacks
20 April 1929, Brooklyn, New York, USA
7 March 2002, Los Angeles, California, USA (brain tumor)

-   'Gloria Leonard' (qv) (? - 1990) (divorced)

-   Swaggering, mafiosi-look with open neck shirts and gold chains

-   Adult film maker.

-   In 1994, a 13-centimeter (five-inch) cancerous tumor was discovered in his left lung. He was a cigarette smoker whose father had died of lung cancer and whose mother had died of emphysema; surgeons removed the entire lung. He quit smoking but within six months of the surgery had begun smoking again. He died of cancer in 2002.

-   Founded and published 'Adult Cinema Review,' one of the first pornographic publications to be sold on newsstands, as 'Cinema X' magazine in the early 1970s.

-   Regarded his 35mm Arrow theatrical film production _N.Y. Babes (1979)_ (qv), a tale about two competing softball teams starring 'Vanessa del Rio' (qv) and 'Gloria Leonard' (qv), as his best film. It used 100 extras.

-   Produced two cable TV shows in New York City in the 1970s: _"Midnight Blue" (1974)_ (qv) with 'Al Goldstein' (qv) and _"The Robin Byrd Show" (1977)_ (qv). His wife, 'Gloria Leonard' (qv), also had a cable show called "The Stroke At Midnight.".

-   He entered the pornography industry in 1970, making loops. He met his future wife 'Gloria Leonard' (qv) on a 'Cheri' magazine shoot, with the theme of a "Best Blowjob" contest. He shot the video while she did the makeup. Hollander was her third husband.

-   Today the talent are all blondes, with fixed tits, and they all wear the same shoes - plastic pumps. They wear the same spandex dresses. They have the same tattoos. They have the same pussy clips. There's no originality.

-   [on 'Adult Cinema Review'] "It was the first X-rated newsstand film magazine which started in the early '70s as Cinema X magazine. 'Vanessa del Rio' (qv) was on the first cover. I think I gave Del Rio her name. She was a cocktail waitress in downtown New York. She's one of a kind. Happy go lucky, wouldn't hurt a fly. There's no one who looks like her, performs sex like her, or talks like her."

-   [Of his lung cancer] "It kicked the shit out of me. I never felt my age, which I am not telling you. I look young. You can see that I'm still smoking. I'm a fucking moron. When I came out of the hospital, I stopped for six months. As soon as I went back to work, I started smoking again. I had a check-up yesterday and the doctor told me that if I could stop smoking, I could become a ballet dancer. I recommend to anybody to try to stop smoking."

-   [on his cocaine habit] "I did my share of drugs. I went through two houses [Toluca Lake and North Hollywood] in California. I had a penthouse in Manhattan. We used to shoot there and party there. I thank God that I am still alive."

-   I got in the business for the girls, the money, the people.... It was never a 9-5 job.... It was another form of show business. And it was underground. There was no shooting on location. You had to shoot quietly. You had to sneak equipment in [to the building]. It was costly if you got busted.

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