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biography of Hollister, C. Warren

Hollister, Charles Warren
21 November 1930
14 September 1997 (brief illness)

-   'Edith' (? - 14 September 1997) (his death)

-   With Peter E. Hanff, Blane Maxam, and Judy Pike, founded the International Wizard of Oz Club Winkie Convention in 1964.

-   Served as the International Wizard of Oz Club Vice President, Director, and Chair of the Winkie Convention

-   Popular Auctioneer at the Winkie Convention

-   Sons: Larry and Robert Family tradition at Christmas was reading L. Frank Baum's _The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus_

-   Internationally reknowned scholar and specialist in English medieval history

-   The Annual Term of Military Service in Medieval England (1960 book)

-   The Military Organization of England Under the First Three Norman Kings, 1066-1135 (1960 book)

-   The Five-Hide Unit and the Old English Military Obligation (1961 book)

-   The Norman Conquest and the Genesis of English Feudalism (1961

-   The Significance of Scutage Rates in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century England (1961 book)

-   Anglo-Saxon Military Istitutions on the Eve of the Norman Conquest (1962 book)

-   Medieval Europe: A Short History (1964 book)

-   The Making of England, 55 B.C.-1399 (1966 book)

-   Roots of the Western Tradition: A Short History of the Ancient World (1966 book)

-   The Rise and Development of Western Civilization (1967 book, with John L. Stipp and Allen W. Dirrim)

-   Landmarks of the Western Heritage Since 1500 (1967 edited book)

-   The Rise and Development of the Western Civilization: The Emergence of Man to the Present (1969 book with John L. Stipp, Allen W. Dirram, and Harold L. Bauman (1969 book)

-   The Impact of the Norman Conquest (1969 book)

-   The Twelfth Century Renaissance (1969 edited book)

-   The Moons of Meer (1969 novel, with Judy Pike)

-   "Oz and the Fifth Criterion" (1971 essay)

-   Landmarks of Western Heritage (1973 edited book)

-   Odysseus to Columbus: A Synopsis of Classical and Medieval History (1974 book)

-   River Through Time: The Course of Westen Civilization (1975 book, co-author)

-   Medieval Europe: A Short Sourcebook (1982 edited book)

-   Monarchy, Magnates, and Institutions in the Anglo-Norman World (1986 book)

-   King John and the Historians (book)

-   "Oz and the Fifth Criterion Revisted" (1996 essay)

-   Anglo-Norman Political Culture and the Twelfth Century Renaissance: Proceedings of the Borchard Conference on Anglo-Norman History, 1995 (1997 edited book)

-   Bibliographia Oziana (book, with Peter E. Hanff, James E. Haff, and Patrick M. Maund)

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