Hopkins, George James Biography

biography of Hopkins, George James

23 March 1896, Pasadena, California, USA
11 February 1985, Los Angeles, California, USA

-   Began his career working with 'Theda Bara' (qv), with whom he remained close friends.

-   Had an eight-year-long relationship with 'William Desmond Taylor' (qv) ending only with Taylor's famous unsolved murder in 1922.

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Acting in movies

  1. The Hell Cat (1918)


  1. The Woman with Four Faces (1923) (as George Hopkins)
  2. The Top of New York (1922) (adaptation) (as George Hopkins)
  3. A Woman There Was (1919) (story "Creation's Tears")
  4. The She Devil (1918) (screenplay)
  5. The She Devil (1918) (story)


  1. The Furnace (1920) (manager of production)