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biography of Horsley, Sebastian

Marcus Alec Horsley
8 August 1962, Hull, Yorkshire, England, UK
17 June 2010, London, England, UK (overdose)

-   'Evelynn Smith' (1983 - 1993)

-   Son of 'Nicholas Horsley' (qv).

-   Eccentric British author best known for having himself nailed to a cross in the Philippines in the name of art.

-   Attempted to have himself crucified in 2000 as part of an art project. The procedure almost ended in disaster when his foot support broke, threatening to rip his hands apart.

-   "The Washington Post" (USA), 11 July 2010, Vol. 133, Iss. 218, pg. C6, by: Matt Schudel, "Sebastian Horsley, 47[, dies]: Eccentric artist chronicled the London Underworld"

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