Hudis, Lindy S. (I) Biography

biography of Hudis, Lindy S. (I)

20 September 1967, Miami, Florida, USA

-   'Stephen R. Hudis' (qv) (5 March 2000 - present); 2 children

-   Is a graduate of New York University.

-   Is a huge fan on the musical "Cats" and even auditioned for it once.

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Movies Directed

  1. The Lesson (2000)

Movies Produced

  1. Skate God (2014) (producer)
  2. Cousin Sarah (2011) (producer)
  3. Crashers (2011) {{SUSPENDED}} (producer)
  4. Kanashibari (2011) {{SUSPENDED}} (co-executive producer)
  5. The Summoning (2011) {{SUSPENDED}} (producer)
  6. The Lesson (2000) (executive producer)