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David Hulbert was born in Jupiter, Florida to David Rodney Hulbert Sr. and Christine Hulbert on August 21st 1976. His father was disabled and on disability. His parents separated when he was 3 and he spent most of his life with his father. He attended Jupiter High School until his Junior year in 1993 when he dropped out and moved with his father to Las Vegas, Nevada and then soon after to a small trailer in the middle of the Arizona Mohave desert, Dolan Spring, Arizona, where he lived with his father without running water or electricity for over a year. They were very poor and David spent a lot of time working his multiple jobs. His dreams to escape this life pushed him to get in trouble with the law at the age of 17. After that experience he took another look at his life and decided to go back to school. He gained his GED in 1995 and enrolled in Mohave Community College in 1996 as an Art Major. He met his ex-wife, Leslie O'Reilly, in math class and asked her to move in with him. His oldest child, his daughter Megahn Kimberanne O'Reilly Hulbert was born in June of 1997 at the Kingman Arizona Memorial Hospital. In 1998 he transferred to Northern Arizona University as an art major, but soon realized his passion was film. July of 1999 he and Leslie O'Reilly were married. January of 2001 his father passed away. His body was found 44 miles out into the desert by a man that was hiking from Vegas to Pheonix on some personal mission. His father had just been released in December of 2000 for heart surgery. In May 2001 his eldest son Gabriel David (after his father) O'Reilly Hulbert was born in Flagstaff Arizona. David took the loss of his father poorly and soon dropped out of school and moved his family to Florida to be close to his sisters and mother in April of 2002. After eight hurricanes and the stock market crash taking his livelihood he moved his family once again to Atlanta Ga in June of 2005 where he now lives. He was unable to find a job like thousands of others in his field because he did not have a degree. He got into the Music business for a while and made many contacts, but he just never felt he fitted in. So he decided to return to college in pursuit of a Law degree in the summer of 2008. He meet Dr. Jeff Marker PH.d who encouraged him to join the Film Club. A semester later he met Professor David Smith, M.F.A Design, who encouraged him to switch to film. He graduated Gainesville State College in Dec of 2009 with a A.A. Media Studies then transferred to Georgia State University to pursue a B.A. in Film and Video.
David Hulbert

-   'Leslie Hulbert' (27 July 1999 - ?) (divorced); 3 children

-   (January 2010) Currently living in the Atlanta Metro area.

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