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Kathryn Hadjipateras
1956, New York, USA

-   She was awarded the 'Laurence Olivier' (qv) Theatre Award in 1991 (1990 season) for Best Actress for her performance in "The Visit", at the Royal National Theatre.

-   An Associate Member of RADA.

-   Graduated from RADA.

-   (1986) She acted in 'Moli√®re' (qv)'s play, "The Hypochrondriac", at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, Leicestershire, England with 'Kevin McMonagle' (qv), 'Kate O'Connell (I)' (qv), 'Jon Strickland' (qv) and 'Ben Daniels (I)' (qv) in the cast. 'Nancy Meckler' (qv) was the director.

-   (1999) She directed 'William Shakespeare (I)' (qv)'s play, "The Comedy of Errors", at the Bankside Globe Theatre in London, England with 'Vincenzo Nicoli' (qv), 'Marcello Magni' (qv), 'Jules Melvin' (qv), 'Yolanda Vazquez (I)' (qv) and 'Harry Gostelow' (qv) in the cast.

-   (18 February 2010 - 26 August 2010) Played Fool in the Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear at the Courtyard Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

-   (October 1988-January 1989) She acted in the Almedia Theatre production season in the plays: "A Minute Too Late"; "Ave Maria"; "Miss Donnithorne's Maggot"; "Escape for Tuba"; "Food of Love"; "What is All This Dancing?"; "The Visit"; "My Army"; "Please, Please, Please"; "The Phantom Violin"; "Anything for a Quiet Life"; "Rainmaker in Gebb" and "The Right Size in Que Sera"; with 'Annabel Arden (II)' (qv), 'Simon McBurney' (qv), 'Marcello Magni' (qv), 'Celia Gore-Booth' (qv), 'Tim Barlow (I)' (qv), Gerard McBurney, 'Clive Mendus' (qv) and 'Nick Phillipou' (qv) in the cast.

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