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6 June 1963, Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK
5' 11"
Jason Isaacs is the 3rd of 4 children. He studied Law at Bristol University and graduated in 1985 with a degree in law but decided to study acting. Whilst at Bristol University he directed and/or appeared in over 20 productions. Whilst at the Central School of Speech and Drama he met his wife Emma and graduated from there in 1989.

-   'Emma Hewitt (I)' (qv) (1988 - present); 2 children

-   Has a daughter named Lily, born on 23 March 2002

-   Was set to play Dr. William Birkin in _Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)_ (qv), but left the project.

-   Had an uncredited role as Dr. William Birkin (and the narrator) in _Resident Evil (2002)_ (qv).

-   Has a daughter named Ruby, born August 2005.

-   Shares two roles with Hans Conreid. Conreid appeared in the Walt Disney animated version of Peter Pan, while Isaacs appeared in the 2003 live action film. Both films followed a tradition encouraged by James Barrie, and followed in most stage productions, that Mr. Darling and Captain Hook be played by the same actor. Accordingly, he and Conreid played both parts in their respective films.

-   Longtime best friend of writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson.

-   In addition to doubling for 'Mel Gibson (I)' (qv), 'Girard Swan' (qv) worked as his Stand In and Photo Double on _The Patriot (2000)_ (qv).

-   Met his wife at drama school.

-   His family originates from Eastern Europe.

-   Speaks Spanish fluently.

-   Harry Potter co-star Gary Oldman is one of his favorite actors.

-   Ranked 54 on Empire Magazine's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars (2009).

-   Has a cult following due to the weekly 'Kermode and Mayo's Film Review' on BBC, Radio Five Live, where he is regularly saluted ('Hello to Jason Isaacs!') by his former classmate and film critic Dr Mark Kermode, a practice which the fan base of this show picked up.

-   Played the title character in "Rupa Lucian" the radio play for BBC World Service. Original play by Ad De Bont.

-   Appeared in a production of "Balm in Gilead" by 'Lanford Wilson' (qv) - Edinburgh Festival.

-   Appeared in "East" by 'Steven Berkoff' (qv) - UK tour (1999).

-   Played Ben in "The Dumb Waiter" - Trafalgar Studios, London (2007).

-   Played Cyril in "The Black & White Minstrels" by 'C.P. Taylor' (qv) - Edinburgh Festival/ King's Head Theatre, London (1992).

-   Played Mark in "The Force of Change", a new play by 'Gary Mitchell (II)' (qv) - Royal Court Theatre, London (2000)/ Los Angeles.

-   Played Vittorio in "1953" by Craig Raine - Almeida Theatre, London (1996).

-   Played Louis/ Australia in the UK premiere of "Angels In America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" - National Theatre, London (1993).

-   On the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling: "I went off and read the books after the audition and I read all four books in one sitting - you know - didn't wash, didn't eat, drove around with them on the steering wheel like a lunatic. I suddenly understood why my friends, who I'd thought where slightly backward, had been so addicted to these children's books. They're like crack."

-   Every time I make a plan, God laughs at me.

-   I imagine like most of us that I'd like obscene amounts of money but the people I met and worked with who have those obscene amounts of money and have obscene amounts of fame have awful lives. Really. I mean hideously compromised lives. And I can go anywhere. No one knows who I am. I can go on the tube and bus and wander through the streets. So I'm quite happy not to get the girl.

-   "Look, I play all these tough guys and thugs and strong, complex characters. In real life, I am a cringing, neurotic Jewish mess. Can't I for once play that on stage?" -to the producers of the stage version of "Angels in America" while auditioning for the part of "Louis".

-   This wasn't just a sitcom. It was like watching a five-act Ibsen ('Henrik Ibsen' (qv)) play. Corbett was making us laugh, but we were laughing at his pain and the hopelessness of his situation. Then there were the story lines ... politics, class, religion, sex. This wasn't what an early-1960s comedy was supposed to deal with. Everybody knows his Steptoe (_"Steptoe and Son" (1962)_ (qv)) voice, but that was nothing like his real voice. He was actually raised in Wythenshawe. He had that peculiar northern thing of trying to make his accent posher than it was. A bit like Harold, really. So much of his real life mirrored Steptoe and I think Galton ('Ray Galton' (qv)) and Simpson ('Alan Simpson (I)' (qv)) picked up on that. Unfortunately, typecasting was far more prevalent in those days. 'Harry H. Corbett' (qv) was, without doubt, the finest actor in the country, but the more successful he was as Steptoe, the less work he was offered. He wanted to walk away, but he couldn't. He was very comfortably trapped. I've got mates who are in exactly the same situation. Starring in hugely successful shows, earning loads of money - but they can't stand their jobs. The country loved Harold Steptoe, but Corbett hated him. Really hated him. (On playing 'Harry H. Corbett' (qv) in _The Curse of Steptoe (2008) (TV)_ (qv))

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