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biography of Jaray, Hans

24 June 1906, Vienna, Austria-Hungary (now Austria)
6 January 1990, Vienna, Austria
Hans Jaray was a writer, singer, film and stage actor. After finishing school, he went to the Academy for Music and Art, in Vienna. His stage debut was in 1923, in Wiener Volkstheater and from 1930 to 1938, he played at the Theater in der Josefstadt. The first play he wrote was "Boulevard-Komödien". His two first movies were _Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney (1927)_ (qv) (The Love of Jeanne Ney) and _Pat und Patachon als Schwiegersöhne (1927)_ (qv). In 1933, he played 'Franz Schubert' in _Leise flehen meine Lieder (1933)_ (qv) ("Unfinished Symphony", aka "Lover Divine", "La Symphonie inachevée"). After that, he was not often in Germany because he went back to Austria in order to emigrate to the USA in 1938. There, he played in New York on Broadway. His two Hollywood films were _Lydia (1941)_ (qv) and _Carnegie Hall (1947)_ (qv). After WWII, he came back to Vienna and worked there on stage, cinema and as a Professor at the Reinhardt-Seminar. Some of his last films were _Frühlingsstimmen (1952)_ (qv) and _Fedora (1978)_ (qv) by 'Billy Wilder', with 'Hildegard Knef' (qv), 'Henry Fonda' (qv) and 'Michael York (I)' (qv). He also wrote many stage plays and books.
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