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14 November 1966, Plaistow, London, England, UK
Timothy P. Jones was born in Plaistow, London. He graduated high school in Livingston, New Jersey, and college at Goddard, in Vermont, USA. His first short film 'Lazy Boy' was nominated for a Student Academy Award (New England Region) in 1987. He later directed a feature film, 'First Takes' in 1994. In addition to film Timothy directed two off-Broadway plays, 'Never Swim Alone' and 'See Bob Run'. His direction won the 1999 New York City Fringe Festival prize for 'Overall Excellence' and his play 'Take' won the 'Best Performance' award at the 2001 New York City Fringe Festival. In the July 2000 issue of 'Digital Video Magazine' Timothy wrote a cover/feature article about one of the first Digital Intermediate projects ever made, 'Urbania' (2000) He lives in London with his wife, the novelist Laura Denham-Jones ('Have You Seen Me?'...Carroll & Graff 2002). Timothy is also a graduate of the Sundance Writer's Lab and the The Association Equinoxe Writer's Lab. He supports West Ham United FC.
David Kasheem

-   'Laura Denham-Jones' (21 June 2004 - present); 1 child

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