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Camille Jumelle was born in New York City and is one of twins. She attended the Parson's School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Ms. Jumelle has worked for Ralph Lauren and the Ann Taylor clothing company in New York City. In 1995 she moved to Los Angeles and started selling her sportswear and elegant hand beaded evening gowns to the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Soon other movie offers followed. Ms. Jumelle is a member of "The Costume Designer's Guild." Her designs have been featured in countless celebrity photo shoots, The Golden Globe Awards and The Academy Award's. A special segment on E entertainment featured her award-winning gowns and many celebrity customers.
E entertainment

-   Couture Junkie

-   Camille Jumelle

-   She and her twin sister had to have their tonsils removed at the same time.

-   Desert Passages Fashion Show at the Beverly Hills Hotel - Featuring Camille Jumelle Gowns and Sportswear Introduction of Couture Junkie.

-   Representative stylist for shoe

-   I never thought as a fashion designer I would have to see so many naked people, I tell everyone that it is my job to put clothes on you .. I do not care what you look like underneath it all.

-   I had a lot of formal design and fashion design training in New York City's seventh avenue. I often contemplated that my job was to put clothing on people. I spent so much time drawing and studying the naked body In design school. It took a lot of time studying the naked body and really appreciating it as a work of art, only to then design and study fashion design, to cover it up!

-   "I believe that a person makes his or her life, and that people should look at life not the way it is but at what it can truly be. Life is what we make it and we must always put ourselves into our life.

-   "radio show indy 100 with tim & Ashley" (USA), 13 August 2013, "indy 100"

-   "Variety" (World Wide), 2001, "Psycho Beach Party"

-   "Vogue" (USA),

-   "Health and Fitness" (Worldwide), "Victoria Silverstadt"

-   "Elite Traveler" (USA), 1 July 2003

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