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Andrew Kaplan is an emerging character actors in the Southeast. Based in Atlanta, GA, he has appeared in over 30 tv and film projects. He has portrayed roles diverse roles from upscale to blue collar and from political leader to police officer. Over his career, Kaplan has worked with many of the most respected and award winning professionals in film and television. In 2013, Kaplan will be in over a dozen films and tv shows such as 42(the Jackie Robinson Biopic), Ride Along, and BET's Reed Between the Lines. His most recent independent films include I'm Sorry, a docudrama about the dangers of texting while driving which will be in the festival circuit in 2013. Remnants where he portrayed to role of Dr. Wilson who addresses the nation during a national press conference and Pendulum Swings where he plays the police captain in the opening scene. Kaplan grew up in Springfield, NJ. He attended Dickinson College where he honed his communication skills as football and basketball sportscaster and disk jockey. During the 1980's he established a career in media at HBO and The Movie Channel gaining experience in marketing, finance and film acquisition. His career took a turn, when he left HBO and evolved into an entrepreneur in media and technology. His company was one of the first to bring mobile technology and sales automation to corporations. Over the past few years, he was recognized as an expert in social media marketing and networking. Kaplan also is recognized for his work on the non-profit leadership as Toastmasters President of the Year for North Carolina, Dickinson College's Alumni Volunteer of the Year and as a Charlotte Business Journal finalist as a leader in sustainability for teaching Green Business Planning classes.
Andrew Kaplan

-   TV commercial: Subway Sandwich

-   Hilton Hotel - Hilton Garden Inn Industrial Film (2011) - Hotel Guest

-   Nationwide Insurance - NASCAR Commercial (2011) - NASCAR Fan

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  1. I'm Sorry (2012/II) (producer)