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biography of Kapur, Shekhar

6 December 1945, Lahore, Punjab, British India [now Pakistan]

-   'Suchitra Krishnamoorthi' (qv) (1997 - 2007) (divorced); 1 child

-   Nephew of 'Vijay Anand' (qv).

-   Qualified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales in the early 70's in London UK. Disillusioned and unmotivated my this conventional career, he abandoned his profession to pursue his artistic interests.

-   Had a seven year long relationship with 'Shabana Azmi' (qv)

-   Nephew of 'Dev Anand' (qv)

-   Magazine article: 'Tragedy of a real bandit' by Shekhar Kapur, The Independent Arts & Books Review, 30 May 2008, The Indpendent Newspaper [UK], Independent News & Media Limited

-   I've never looked at film-making as a career. I've looked on film-making as an adventure. When you come down the mountain, you get ready to climb again.

-   There's a lot of imagination in Asia, and I believe that the next Google will come from there, and the next Pixar. I believe that the great new media companies will come out of Asia and surpass the big media conglomerates that exist right now in the west.

-   I am far more comfortable with failure than I ever will be with success.

-   "San Jose Mercury News" (USA), 26 November 2008, by: John Boudreau, "Famed Indian Film Director Keeps a Foot in Silicon Valley"

-   "Dagens Nyheter" (Sweden), 18 April 1999, by: Nicholas Wennö, "Filmaren med oskulden i behåll"

-   "Movieline" (USA), December 1999, Vol. X, Iss. 4, pg. 18, by: Robyn Karney, "Making History"

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  1. Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told (2011) (producer)
  2. The Guru (2002) (executive producer)
  3. Dil Se.. (1998) (executive producer)