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8 March 1971, Surrey, England, UK
5' 7"
Rose studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama. At her final speeches show at CSSD, 'Alec McCowen' (qv) singled her out and said "If you've got it flaunt it!" She grew up at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where her father, Sir 'John Keegan (III)' (qv), was part of the academic teaching department. She has a twin brother and an older brother and sister. She used to go into the woods at Sandhurst and practice roles which included Scarlett O'Hara and Eliza Doolittle. Once she was discovered mid flow by the general and his wife and got a round of applause. Before drama school, she wrote to Sir Peter Hall telling him she wanted to be in his company at the National Theatre. He wrote back saying some experience backstage would prepare her well for a life on the stage, and that he had forwarded her letter to personnel. She worked for a year as a dresser at the Olivier Theatre before starting at the Central School. She went straight into the West End, in Alan Ayckbourn's The Revengers Comedies. A Message for the Broken Hearted by Gregory Motton, directed by Ramin Gray at The Liverpool Playhouse, Cunigonde in Candide, directed by David Farr at The Gate Theatre. Bedroom Farce, directed by Loveday Ingram at The Aldwych Theatre. The Ghost Is Here, directed by Kazuoshi Kushida, New National Theatre, Tokyo. Hushabye Mountain by Jonathan Harvey directed by Paul Miller at The Hampstead Theatre. She was picked by Kazuoshi Kushida to join his company at The New National Theatre in Tokyo and perform and sing in Japanese. She plays Transom in 'Thunderbirds'. She was cast in _Gosford Park (2001)_ (qv) but was contracted to a television series. Whilst trying to be freed from it, 'Robert Altman (I)' (qv) reassured her that unless she had any money (she didn't), the TV company wouldn't sue her, but she was persuaded otherwise. But what a great man!
James McCarthy

-   She studied acting at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London.

-   (2007) She went to the White House and met 'George W. Bush' (qv).

-   Her mother is Susanne Keegan, the biographer and author of The Bride of The Wind, and The Eye of God, a biography of Oscar Kokoshka.

-   She has a twin brother, Matthew and an older brother and sister.

-   Her father is Sir 'John Keegan (III)' (qv), the military historian and commentator.

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