Kelly, Ian (II) Biography

biography of Kelly, Ian (II)

-   (1994) He acted in Fanny Burney's play, "A Busy Day", at the King's Head Theatre in London, England with 'Brendan Hooper' (qv), 'James Clarkson (I)' (qv), Richard Stemp, 'Geoffrey Collins (I)' (qv), 'Helen Weir (II)' (qv) and 'Brenda Peters (I)' (qv) in the cast.

-   (2003) Book "Cooking for Kings, a Life of Antonin Careme, the First Celebrity Chef" (biography with recipes) Short Books/Faber. ISBN-10: 1904095208

-   (2006) Book "Beau Brummell" (biography) Hodder & Stoughton (UK) Simon & Schuster (USA) ISBN-10: 0340836997

-   (2008) Book "Casanova" (biography) Hodder & Stoughton UK Tarcher Penguin USA. ISBN-10: 034092215X

-   (2012) Book "Mr Foote's Other Leg; Comedy, tragedy and murder in Georgian London" Picador PanMacmillan. ISBN-10: 033051783X

-   (2008-2012) Stage play The Pitmen Painters - playing the art teacher Robert Lyon (and drawing live on stage!), on Broadway, at the National Theatre, London and in the West End

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