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Phil Kelly
IRELAND BORN, Spain educated and Chelsea (London, UK) based since 1989. Thanks to European girlfriends, over the years, Phelim speaks several languages and several nationalities can understand his spoken English. In an Oxford Street school he once taught/learnt from a well-known entertainer! But that was only because both, being English language teachers, had been dragged before the Principal for retraining. On occasions he can still be found in a Belfast/Chelmsford/London or Worcester classroom, as he is a supply teacher and, therefore, has a LOT OF AVAILABILITY... except for that day, October 24 2011 at Shepperton Studios, where he thought he might body-double a 19TH CENTURY RUSSIAN BUTLER but spent much of the day hanging around a green double decker bus acting as a, "resting," SET BUILDER on Joe Wright's, "Anna Karenina." That was enough to give him the bug to write what is written here, and - more importantly - NOW gives him the motivation to turn up for YOUR NEXT CASTING.
Phelim Kelly

-   If 24/10/11 @ Anna Karenina was the CONCEPTION of a film career then today, 28/6/12 @ The Politician's Husband could be considered the BIRTH

-   "South London Press" (UK), 28 February 2012, pg. 6, by: Paul Dietrich, "Library protest is taken to the House of Lords"

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  1. Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (2013) (executive producer)