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Evan Christopher King
2 October 1982, Houston, Texas, USA
6' 1"
Evan King is an actor/performance artist. Evan grew up in Houston, TX with a love for entertaining his family and friends. In 1988 Evan enrolled in acting classes at APM Studios under casting director 'Gary Chason' (qv) . Evan spent the 1990s perfecting the craft of method acting & creating original characters like the DJ emotionally stuck in the '90s "Freakjuice". Since 2002 he has performed in various theaters, comedy clubs and coffee houses in Houston and Austin, including Houston's Laff Stop. In 2009 Evan released his first short online at _12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009)_ (qv) a romantic comedy short that he wrote, directed and stared in with actress 'Sofia V. Mendez' (qv) The story of two method actors in love, filmed on location at Russo's New York Pizzeria in Houston, TX with the owner Anthony Russo as himself. The film was inspired by his experience of living in New York City in 2001 where he took a summer acting workshop at NYU. In 2010 Evan appeared in his first commercial for Heineken also featuring friend/actress 'Shawna Rencher' (qv) later that year Evan was cast as the hippie parking valet "Chad" in the film _Easy Life (2013)_ (qv) a drama/comedy directed by 'Enrique Caldera' (qv) set to be released in 2012. In 2011 Evan starred with actress 'Genevieve Simmons' (qv) in _APPosition (2011)_ (qv) a romantic comedy about cell phone APPs directed by 'Corky Loesch' (qv) Evan was recently cast as a wanna be gangster rapper "Cory" in the feature comedy _Copycat (2013)_ (qv) to be released in 2013.
Ricky Bowen

-   Dances in most of his films and live performances

-   1999: As a method acting experiment Evan studied and played 'Andy Kaufman (I)' (qv) for a Talent Show in High School. This was inspired by 'Jim Carrey' (qv)'s performance the film _Man on the Moon (1999)_ (qv).

-   Was adopted at age 3 by 'Arthur Carl Davis' (qv) and 'Betty Davis (V)' (qv), who encouraged Evan's acting career by taking him to film acting classes.

-   2009: Played a small role in 'Travis Ammons' (qv)'s dark comedy _Suicide Notes (2013)_ (qv) Evan's first feature length film.

-   Has been a vegetarian since 1995.

-   Studied acting for the camera under casting director 'Gary Chason' (qv).

-   Uses Method Acting to discover the reality of the characters.

-   (2005) Played the female character "Yoli" in 'Caridad Svich' (qv)'s "Iphiginia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Once was Her Heart"

-   (2010) Appeared in a Heineken Commercial directed by 'Benjamin Sandlin' (qv)

-   (2010) Music video: Appeared(as "Detective Keaton") in the music video "Chameleon" by 'Max Xandaux' (qv).

-   (2011) TV commercial: Houston Community College Commercial for Comcast

-   I invented sarcasm!

-   (August 2008) Writing the romantic comedy _12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009)_ (qv) that he'll co-star in with actress 'Sofia V. Mendez' (qv)

-   (August 2008) Currently on tour with a comedy group in Texas.

-   (September 2008) Filming _12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate (2009)_ (qv) with actress 'Sofia V. Mendez' (qv)

-   (February 2010) Writing a pilot for an Internet Comedy series called "Freakjuice" (2008) Inspired by the 1990s.

-   (February 2010) Working with actress 'Shawna Rencher' (qv) on a Comedy Flamenco show 'Full Moon Gypsies' opening Summer 2010.

-   (June 2011) Houston, TX: Played "Javier" the gay chef in a short film for Houston's 48 Hour Film Festival: in _Miss Read (2011)_ (qv) directed by 'Elda Loesch' (qv).

-   (April 2011) Houston, TX: finished filming the drama/comedy _Easy Life (2013)_ (qv) directed by 'Enrique Caldera' (qv)

-   (March 2012) Cast as 'Cory'- a wanna be gangster rapper in the upcoming Indie Comedy feature _Copycat (2013)_ (qv) . Directed by 'Todd Rodgers (III)' (qv) & 'Kevin Cook (X)' (qv). To be produced by Firestorm Pictures. Filming summer 2012

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