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biography of Kingsley, Sidney

Sidney Kirshner
22 October 1906, New York City, New York, USA
20 March 1995, Oakland, New Jersey, USA (stroke)

-   'Madge Evans' (qv) (25 July 1939 - 26 April 1981) (her death)

-   Was a board member of both Cafe La Mama and the 'Martha Graham' (qv) dance company.

-   Won the 1934 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the play "Men in White".

-   His hobbies included painting, sculpture, woodworking and collecting early American artefacts.

-   From 1935, he (and his wife,the actress Madge Evans) lived in an 18th century house on a 250-acre estate near Oakland.

-   Studied at Cornell University on a scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 1928. He briefly flirted with the acting profession, before moving to Hollywood to work as a scenario reader for Columbia. For three years, he worked on his first play, "Men in White", which was first performed by the Group Theatre in 1933 and turned into a movie the following year.

-   Served in the U.S. Army during World War II, attaining the rank of lieutenant.

-   At one time, President of the Dramatists Guild. From 1977, founding chairman of New Jersey's Motion Picture and Television Development Commission.

-   (1933) Stage: Wrote "Men in White", produced on Broadway. Drama. Stage Manager: 'Elia Kazan' (qv). Assistant Stage Mgr: 'Tony Kraber' (qv) [credited as Gerrit Kraber] and Robert Harper. Assistant Prod. Mgr: Arnold L. Schauer Jr. Directed by 'Lee Strasberg' (qv). Broadhurst Theatre: 26 Sep 1933-Jul 1934 (closing date unknown/351 performances). Cast: 'Luther Adler' (qv) (as "Dr. Gordon"), Margaret Barker, 'Alan Baxter (I)' (qv), 'Phoebe Brand' (qv) (as "Barbara Dennin"), 'J. Edward Bromberg' (qv) (as "Dr. Hochberg"), 'Grover Burgess (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. McCabe"), 'Morris Carnovsky' (qv) (as "Dr. Levine"), 'William Challee' (qv) (as "Dr. Michaelson"), 'Russell Collins (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Cunningham"), 'Walter Coy (I)' (qv), Mary Virginia Farmer, Robert Harper, Elena Karam, Elia Kazan (as "Orderly"), 'Alexander Kirkland' (qv) (as "Dr. Ferguson"), Tony Kraber (as "James Mooney"; billed as Gerrit Kraber), Lewis Leverett, 'Robert Lewis (I)' (qv) (credited as Bob Lewis), Mab Maynard, 'Sanford Meisner' (qv) (as "Dr. Wren / "Mr. Smith"), Paula Miller, Ruth Nelson, 'Clifford Odets' (qv) (as "Mr. Houghton"), Dorothy Patten, Herbert Ratner, Art Smith, Eunice Stoddard (as "Nurse Jamison"). Produced by The Group Theatre, 'Sidney Harmon' (qv) and James R. Ullman. NOTE: Filmed as _Men in White (1934)_ (qv).

-   (1935) Stage: Wrote / directed "Dead End", produced on Broadway. Drama. Production Design by / Produced by 'Norman Bel Geddes' (qv). Belasco Theatre: 28 Oct 1935-12 Jun 1937 (687 performances). Cast: 'Carroll Ashburn' (qv) (as "Mr. Griswald"), Charles Bellin, Charles Benjamin, 'Philip Bourneuf' (qv) (as "Intern"), Marie R. Burke, Richard Clark, Francis G. Cleveland, George Cotton, 'Marc Daniels' (qv), 'Francis De Sales' (qv), Ethel Dell, 'Gabriel Dell (I)' (qv) (as "T.B."; Broadway debut), 'Joe Downing (I)' (qv) (as "Babyface Martin"), Charles R. Duncan, Willis Duncan, 'Dan Duryea' (qv) (as "G-Man"; Broadway debut), 'Elspeth Eric' (qv) (as "Drina"), Sidonie Espero, 'Martin Gabel' (qv), Edward P. Goodnow, 'David Gorcey' (qv) (as "Second Avenue Boy"), 'Leo Gorcey' (qv) (as "Second Avenue Boy"; only Broadway appearance), 'Huntz Hall' (qv) (as "Dippy"; only Broadway appearance), 'Billy Halop' (qv) (as "Tommy") [Broadway debut], Drina Hill, 'Bobby Jordan (I)' (qv) (as "Angel"), Margaret Linden, 'Sidney Lumet' (qv) (as "Small Boy"), Blossom MacDonald (as "Ensemble"), 'Marjorie Main' (qv) (as "Mrs. Martin"), Margaret Mullen, Robert J. Mulligan, Theodore Newton, George N. Price (as "Old Gentleman"; final Broadway role), 'Bernard Punsly' (qv) (as "Milty"), Lewis L. Russell, Harry Selby, Joseph Taibi, William Toubin, 'Sheila Trent' (qv) (as "Francey"), Cyril Gordon Weld, Billy Winston, Louis Woods, 'Elizabeth Wrangle' (qv) (credited as Elizabeth Wragge; as "Ensemble"), 'Dane Clark (I)' (qv) (credited as Bernard Zanville; as "Sailor"). NOTE: Filmed as _Dead End (1937)_ (qv).

-   (1936) Stage: Wrote / directed / produced "Ten Million Ghosts", produced on Broadway. Drama. Scenic Design by 'Donald Oenslager' (qv). St. James Theatre: 23 Oct 1936-Nov 1936 (closing date unknown/11 performances). Cast: Lester Alden (as "Balkan" / "Waiter"), Dave Arthur (as "Spewack"), 'Carroll Ashburn' (qv) (as "Gen. Louvet"), 'Lee Baker (I)' (qv) (as "Francois de Kruif"), Peter Barry (as "Telegraph Boy"), Felton Bickley (as "Armed Guard" / "Bonnard"), 'Philip Bourneuf' (qv) (as "Lessay"), Charles Bowden (as "Messenger Boy"), 'George Coulouris' (qv) (as "Zacharey"), Stuart Ferguson (as "Soldier"), 'Martin Gabel' (qv) (as "Peter"), Myles Geoffrey (as "Louis" / "Aide to Louvet"), John Harding (as "Orderly"), Ray Harper (as "Gabry"), 'Alfred Hesse (I)' (qv) (as "Muller"), 'Otto Hulett' (qv) (as "Ryan"), 'Stanley Jessup' (qv) (as "Shore"), George Justin (as "Messenger Boy"), David Leight (as "French Worker" / "Butler"), Bernard Lenrow (as "Red Cross Sergeant"), David Merrill (as "Thomas"), 'Dodson Mitchell' (qv) (as "Otto von Kruif"), 'Meg Mundy' (qv) (as "Secretary"), Barbara O'Neil (as "Madeleine"), C. Russell Sage (as "Gen. Dumont" / "Jones"), James Sidney (as "Anderson"), Joseph Singer (as "German Worker"), Howard Solness (as "Foreman"), Kurt Stall (as "Intelligence Officer"), John Walker (as "Dr. La Marr" / "Roberts"), 'Orson Welles' (qv) (as "Andre"), Robert X. Williams (as "Schmidt").

-   (1939) Stage: Wrote / directed / produced "The World We Make" on Broadway. Drama. Based on the novel "The Outward Room" by 'Millen Brand' (qv). Guild Theatre: 20 Nov 1939-27 Jan 1940 (80 performances). Cast: 'Carroll Ashburn' (qv) (as "Mr. McKay"), Eloise Bouldin, Solen Burry, Nick Dennis, Erwin Edwards, Rudolph Forster, Harold Gary, Daga Hammond, Dagmar Hampf, Lee Harrett, Billie Haywood, Louise Huntington, May King, Eve March, 'Margo (I)' (qv) as "Virginia McKay"), Katherine Murphy, James O'Rear, Kasia Orzaweski, 'Joseph Pevney' (qv) (as "Jim Kohler"), Randolph Preston, Florence Redd, Frank Richards, Bonnie Roberts, Eric Roberts, 'Herbert Rudley' (qv), 'Thelma Schnee' (qv), Ruth Sherrill, 'Harold J. Stone' (qv) (as "Mr. Zubriski"), 'Buddy Swan' (qv) (as "Danny"), 'Zolya Talma' (qv) (as "Mrs. McKay"), 'Jerome Thor' (qv), Mildred Truppo, Albert Vees, 'Tito Vuolo' (qv).

-   (1943). Stage Play: The Patriots. Drama. Music by Stanley Bate. Written by 'Sidney Kingsley' (qv) [credited as Sidney S. Kingsley]. Scenic Design by Howard Bay. Costume Design by Rose Bogdanoff and Toni Ward. Lighting Design by Moe Hack. Directed by 'Shepard Traube' (qv). National Theatre: 29 Jan 1943- 26 Jun 1943 (173 performances). Cast: Roland Alexander, Leslie Bingham, Francis Compton, Thomas Dillon, 'Madge Evans' (qv) (as "Patsy"), Doe Doe Green, 'Cecil Humphreys (I)' (qv) (as "George Washington"), 'House Jameson' (qv) (as "Alexander Hamilton"), Raymond Edward Johnson, Peg La Centra, Judson Laire, Robert Lance, 'Hope Lange' (qv) (as "Anne Randolph"), Jack Lloyd, Ross Matthew, George Mitchell, 'Henry Mowbray' (qv) (as "Henry Knox"), Billy Nevard, Frances Reid, 'Byron Russell (I)' (qv) (as "Captain"), John Souther, Victor Southwick, John Stephen, Philip White. Produced by The Playwrights' Company ('Maxwell Anderson (I)' (qv), 'S.N. Behrman' (qv), 'Elmer Rice (I)' (qv), Robert E. Sherwood, Sidney Howard) and Rowland Stebbins.

-   Stage: Wrote "Darkness at Noon" (filmed as _"Producers' Showcase" (1954) {Darkness at Noon (#1.8)}_ (qv))

-   (1949) Stage: Wrote / directed "Detective Story", produced on Broadway. Drama/melodrama. Scenic Design by 'Boris Aronson' (qv). Hudson Theatre (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 3 Jul 1950-close): 23 Mar 1949-12 Aug 1950 (581 performances). Cast: 'Ralph Bellamy' (qv) (as "Detective McLeod"), 'Meg Mundy' (qv) (as "Mary McLeod"), 'Jean Adair (I)' (qv) (as "Mrs. Farragut"), John Alberts (as "Gentleman"), Joseph Ancona (as "Mr. Bagatelle"), Archie Benson (as "Crumb-Bum"), 'Edward Binns' (qv) (as "Detective Gallagher"), John Boyd (as "Detective O'Brien"), 'Michelette Burani' (qv) (as "Mrs. Bagatelle"), 'Joan Copeland (I)' (qv) (as "Susan Carmichael"), Jim Flynn (as "Mr. Feeney"), 'Lou Gilbert' (qv) (as "Joe Feinson"), Sarah Grable (as "Mrs. Feeney"), 'Lee Grant (I)' (qv) (as "Shoplifter"), Carl Griscom (as "Willy"), Byron C. Halstead (as "Patrolman Keough"), Michael Lewin (as "Photographer"), James Maloney (as "Mr. Pritchett"), 'Horace McMahon' (qv) (as "Lt. Monoghan"), 'Patrick McVey' (qv) (as "Detective Callahan"), 'Jacqueline Paige' (qv) (as "Indignant citizen"), Joe Roberts (as "Patrolman Baker"), 'Alexander Scourby' (qv) (as "Tami Giacoppetti"), 'Maureen Stapleton' (qv) (as "Miss Hatch"), 'Warren Stevens' (qv) (as "Arthur Kindred"), Ruth Storm (as "Lady"), 'Robert Strauss (I)' (qv) (as "Detective Dakis"), 'Michael Strong (I)' (qv) (as "2nd burglar, Lewis"), 'Earl Sydnor (I)' (qv) (as "Patrolman Barnes"), 'Les Tremayne' (qv) (as "Mr. Sims"), 'James Westerfield' (qv) (as "Detective Brody"), Garney Wilson (as "Mr. Gallantz"), 'Joseph Wiseman' (qv) (as "1st burglar, Charlie"), 'Harry Worth (I)' (qv) (as "Dr. Schneider"). Replacement actors during Hudson Theatre run: 'Anne Burr' (qv) (as "Mary McLeod"), 'Lydia Clarke' (qv). Replacement actors during Broadhurst Theatre run: None known. Produced by 'Howard Lindsay (I)' (qv) and 'Russel Crouse' (qv). Associate Producer: May Kirshner. NOTE: Filmed as _Detective Story (1951)_ (qv), "Au théâtre ce soir: Histoire d'un détective" (1972).

-   (1954) Stage: Wrote / directed "Lunatics and Lovers" on Broadway. Farce. Broadhurst Theatre: 13 Dec 1954-1 Oct 1955 (336 performances). Cast: 'Denis King (I)' (qv) (as "Judge Sullivan"), Mary Anderson, 'Sheila Bond' (qv) (as "Sable Wellington"), 'Nate Cantor' (qv) (as "Joe Gonz"), Vicki Cummings, 'Buddy Hackett' (qv) (as "Dan Cupid"; Broadway debut), 'Arthur O'Connell' (qv) (as "Will Harrison"), Maurice Brenner, 'Fairfax Burger' (qv) (as "Hotel Manager"), Lynn Merrill, James Nolan, Rex Partington, Donna Pearson, 'George Tyne' (qv) (as "House Detective"). Replacement actors included: 'Whitfield Connor' (qv) (as "Will Harrison"), 'Jerome Cowan' (qv) (as "Judge Sullivan"), 'Zero Mostel' (qv) (as "Dan Cupid"; replaced 'Buddy Hackett' (qv) during vacation]. Produced by M. Kirshner.

-   (1991) Stage: His play, "Detective Story," was performed at the Mary Arrchie Theatre Company in Chicago, IL. Patrick Kerwin was scenic designer.

-   (2004) Stage: His play, "Detective Story," was performed at the Strawdog Theatre Company in Chicago, IL. Shade Murray was director and Ray Vicek was scenic designer.

-   (2007) Stage: His play, "Dead End," was performed at the Griffin Theatre Company in Chicago, IL, with Cora Vander Broek in the cast.

-   (1957) Unsold pilot: Wrote the teleplay for the pilot of a hospital dramatic series called "The World of White" for CBS.

-   _Dead End (1937)_ (qv) -> $165,000

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