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31 October 1941, New York City, New York, USA
5' 10"
Feisty, hard-working, famously liberal, with the trademark blonde hair, actress Sally Kirkland has certainly made an indelible mark on Hollywood history. Born in New York City, her mother was the fashion editor at Vogue magazine. Sally began her career on the off-Broadway circuit and trained under 'Lee Strasberg' (qv) in the 1960s. It was not long before she made her transition into Hollywood movies, gaining more recognizable roles as the decade progressed. Sally's first role in a high profile film came in _The Sting (1973)_ (qv), playing the role of "Crystal". Throughout the 1970s, Sally remained very busy in a variety of roles in movies such as the made-for-television _The Kansas City Massacre (1975) (TV)_ (qv), _Breakheart Pass (1975)_ (qv) and _Private Benjamin (1980)_ (qv). Her work in the 1980s was mainly seen in the form of B-class exploitation movies including the low-budget slasher movies _Fatal Games (1984)_ (qv), _Paint It Black (1989)_ (qv) and _High Stakes (1989)_ (qv) opposite 'Kathy Bates (I)' (qv). Sally appeared in the martial arts drama _Best of the Best (1989)_ (qv) opposite 'Eric Roberts (I)' (qv) and 'James Earl Jones' (qv). There were also roles in TV soap opera, _"General Hospital" (1963)_ (qv) in 1982, and _"Falcon Crest" (1981)_ (qv) in 1983. Amidst all of this, Sally managed to garner critical & commercial acclaim and an Oscar nomination for her role as a struggling Czech has-been actress in _Anna (1987)_ (qv). The New York-set drama proved an exceptional vehicle for Sally's talent. Although she did not win the Academy Award, the role is often remembered as Sally's best and most challenging role to date. In the 1990s, Sally appeared in many films. She spent more time on television in TV movies or guest appearances, and appeared in many feature films, as well. _The Haunted (1991) (TV)_ (qv) is worth mentioning for featuring Sally in a central role based on actual events. She appeared opposite 'Jeffrey DeMunn' (qv) and 'Cassie Yates' (qv) in the film chronicling a decade of a family's terror at the hands of poltergeists. She also surprised many with her role in the erotic thriller _In the Heat of Passion (1992)_ (qv), playing a wealthy housewife who strips down for some passionate scenes with 'Jsu Garcia' (qv). In the same vein, Sally teamed up with erotic thriller connoisseur 'Andrew Stevens (I)' (qv) for _Double Threat (1993)_ (qv), playing a washed-up actress involved with a double-crossing younger husband. Sally also appeared in a small role in the major feature _JFK (1991)_ (qv). Her television guest appearances include _"Murder, She Wrote" (1984)_ (qv) in 1995, _"The Nanny" (1993)_ (qv) in 1996 and _"Felicity" (1998)_ (qv) in 1999. She appeared in the hallmark soap opera _"Days of Our Lives" (1965)_ (qv) for a few months in 1999. Roles in more high profile films included _Excess Baggage (1997)_ (qv), _Edtv (1999)_ (qv) and opposite 'Peter Gallager' (qv) in a TV adaptation of 'Aldous Huxley' (qv)'s _Brave New World (1998) (TV)_ (qv) playing a scatty aging mother with an addictive personality. From 2000 onward, Sally's roles in film changed noticeably. She became involved in many independent movies on the film festival circuit. Notable films include the short movie _Audit (2001)_ (qv), _The Rose Technique (2002)_ (qv), _Mango Kiss (2004)_ (qv) and _Coffee Date (2006)_ (qv). Many of her appearances highlighted her liberal attitude towards contemporary social issues. Notably, Sally appeared opposite the late 'Robert Urich (I)' (qv) in his last movie _Night of the Wolf (2002) (TV)_ (qv). Her deep involvement with the "Church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness" has been highlighted in the movie _Spiritual Warriors (2007)_ (qv) and, as an ordained minister for this church, she joined the late 'Shelley Winters' (qv) (her godmother) with her long-time partner in marriage before her death in early 2006. With more films on the horizon, Sally's involvement with independent cinema is only at the beginning. On general release soon will be _Off the Black (2006)_ (qv), Sally's latest independent offering. Also an artist, she has her own gallery in Los Angeles displaying her unique work. She resides in Los Angeles with her beloved dog, Shiva. Looking great for a woman now in her 60s, Sally still sports her trademark blonde hair and, after over 120 film appearances, shows no sign of letting up.

-   Blonde hair and blue eyes

-   Voluptuous figure

-   Deep sultry voice

-   Goddaughter of 'Shelley Winters' (qv).

-   She was the first actress to appear nude in a legitimate stage play, in the 1968 Off-Broadway premiere of "Sweet Eros" by 'Terrence McNally' (qv).

-   Daughter and namesake of fashion editor Sally Kirkland. Her mother was fashion editor at first Vogue and later Life magazines. She was the only fashion editor at Life Magazine during its history (1944 - 1969). She is legendary for putting 'Grace Kelly (I)' (qv), 'Audrey Hepburn (I)' (qv), 'Faye Dunaway' (qv) and 'Jacqueline Kennedy (I)' (qv) on the magazine's cover, making them fashion icons.

-   In a TV interview, she reported that she used money from her role in _Edtv (1999)_ (qv) to have her breast implants removed.

-   Began her career off-Broadway circa 1962.

-   Has received humanitarian awards including Blue Cross and the Crippled Children's Society.

-   An ordained minister in the Church of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness, she teaches classes that combine drama, yoga and meditation.

-   Lifetime member of The Actor's Studio.

-   Famously appeared fully nude, whilst riding bareback astride a large hog to illustrate 'Tom O'Horgan' (qv)'s 1969 film _Futz (1969)_ (qv) on the cover of 'Al Goldstein' (qv)'s Screw magazine.

-   Friend of actress 'Lana Clarkson (I)' (qv).

-   Turned down the role of "Helen Buckman" in 'Ron Howard (I)' (qv)'s film _Parenthood (1989)_ (qv). 'Dianne Wiest' (qv) was cast in the role and received an Academy Award nomination for her work in the film.

-   Strong supporter of gay and lesbian rights and AIDS awareness. She has taught various workshops for gay communities and campaigned for various AIDS organizations.

-   (????) Music video: Appeared in 'Bobby Brown (I)' (qv) video "On Our Own".

-   (1990) Audio book: Read the novel "Terror Stalks the Class Reunion" by 'Mary Higgins Clark' (qv) (Simon & Schuster).

-   (1996) Music video: Appeared in DJ Polo and 'Ron Jeremy' (qv)'s video "Freak of the Week".

-   (1968) Stage: Appeared in "Sweet Eros" by 'Terrence McNally' (qv), off-Broadway. NOTE: Notable for Kirkland being the first actress to appear nude in a legitimate stage play.

-   I grew up in a house on 89th Street that was always full of these gorgeous models: 'Verushka' (qv), 'Ali MacGraw' (qv), 'Lauren Hutton' (qv), no matter what I did, I would be the ugly duckling. As a little girl, I figured I'd have to be the most famous actress in the world...

-   (July 2008) Teaching Acting in West Hollywood, California and writing her memoirs.

-   _The Sting (1973)_ (qv) -> $80,000

-   _The Haunted (1991) (TV)_ (qv) -> $250,000.00

-   _Edtv (1999)_ (qv) -> $450,000.00

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