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Kristine Knowlton was born on January 20, 1978. As an only child, Kristine had quite the imagination growing up. She loved being the center of attention and being different from other children. Kristine's acting started when she was in 8th Grade where she booked her first national commercial for Atlantic Electric which ended up coming in 2nd place for best environmental cleanup commercial. From there, she really got into improvisation and making people laugh. Not too long into High School, she found another calling when she was in with the Gifted and Talented Select Choir. There she went on and was reunited with Dr. Beverly Vaughn of Stockton College where Kristine performed in many choral performances of Handel's "Messiah" and Mozart's "Requiem". Out of High School, Kristine went on to compete in many talent and beauty competitions all over New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York. She won titles at every pageant she was in. The acting bug then kicked in as she was involved with a local theatre group, then going into solo vocal performances with the help of her wonderful vocal teacher of 20 years now, Miss Lucy. After taking a small break from acting, Kristine soon got back into the swing of things with background work in "Damages" and "Law and Order SVU". From there independent films starting snowballing and getting her where she is today. She has also found another hidden talent which was directing as she wrote and directed her very first short film, "A Christmas Wish". Kristine is a very well balance person between genres: Comedy, Horror and Drama. Recently she has joined a pirate reenactment troupe as Katherine "Kat" Killingsworth where she performs in pirate-fests, parades and other local events. You can also find her attending and performing occasionally with Renaissance Faires. She loves the stage and performing anywhere live. The thrill of standing ovation and the reactions of crowd is something she cherishes.
Kristine Knowlton

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