Kosloff, Theodore Biography

biography of Kosloff, Theodore

Koslov, Fijodor Mikailovitch
22 January 1882, Moscow, Russia
22 November 1956, Los Angeles, California, USA
5' 7"

-   'Maria Alexandra Baldina' (? - ?)

-   (1912- 1918). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1912). Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1912. Musical revue. Written by 'Louis A. Hirsch' (qv), 'Earl Carroll (I)' (qv), 'Harold Orlob' (qv) and 'Irving Berlin (I)' (qv). Lyrics by 'George Bronson Howard' (qv). Music orchestrated by 'Oscar Radin' (qv) and Frank Saddler. Ballet Choreographed by 'Theodore Kosloff' (qv) [earliest Broadway credit]. Choreographed and directed by 'Ned Wayburn' (qv). Winter Garden Theatre: 22 Jul 1912- 16 Nov 1912 (136 performances/Note: In rotation with The Ballet of 1830). Cast: Adelaide & Hughes, Emile Agoust, Isabel Barclay, Dorothy Barnett, Fred Bates, Mabel Beck, Alma Braham, Bertie Britton, Nellie Brown, Florence Cable, Celeste Campbell, Hilarion Ceballos, Rosalie Ceballos, Jerry Childs, Helen Clagett, Austin Clark, Marie Corty, Charlotte Cushman, Edward Cutler, Roger Davis, May Dealy, Elinore Dell, Ethel Dennison, Marie Earle, Harry Fox, Lottie Franklin, Etta Franklin, Trixie Friganza, Edward Gordon, Edward Grant, Fannie Grant, Sydney Grant, Bessie Gray, 'Charlotte Greenwood (I)' (qv), Agnes Hall, Grace Hall, Herbert Hall, Ernest Hare, Lillian Harris, Clarence Harvey, Olga Hempstone, Margie Herman, Henry Holt, Eugene Howard, Willie Howard, 'Jobyna Howland' (qv), Albert S. Howson, Kathryn Humphreys, Isabelle Jason, Alex Keene, Shirley Kellogg, Fanny Kidston, Kitty Kyle, L'Aerolia, Jack Laughlin, Clara Lloyd, Helen Lloyd, Vivian MacDonald, Louise MacFarlane, Maurie Madison, Connie Magnet, George Moon, Hazel Mooney, Greville Moore, Daniel Morris, Frances Morris, Lotta Morse, Ralph O'Brien, Alleyne Pickard, Ester Pierce, Charles J. Ross, Gertrude Rutland, Edward Scanlin, Oscar Schwartz, Betty Scott, Bessie Shannon, Esther Shannon, Clara Stanton, Ray Strath, Harry Sulkins, Lola Taylor, May Tormey, Billie Townley, Stanley Vickers, Marie Wallace, Anna Wheaton, Edith Whitney, Winona Wilkins, Maudie Worden, Emil Zajah, F. Zanfretta. Produced by The Winter Garden Company.

-   (1915). Stage Play: The Passing Show of 1915. Musical revue.

-   (1915). Stage Play: Hands Up. Musical comedy/melodrama. Book by Edgar Smith; Music by 'E. Ray Goetz' (qv) and 'Sigmund Romberg' (qv). Lyrics by E. Ray Goetz. Additional music by 'Jean Schwartz (I)' (qv), 'Bert Grant' (qv), Joe Young and Cole Porter. Additional lyrics by 'Cole Porter' (qv), Grant Clarke, 'Harold Atteridge' (qv) and 'William Jerome (II)' (qv). Musical Director: 'William Daly (I)' (qv). Music orchestrated by Frank Saddler. Choreographed by 'Theodore Kosloff' (qv). Polish Ballet in Act 2 arranged by Jack Mason. Modern dances arranged by 'Maurice Barrett' (qv). Directed by 'J.H. Benrimo' (qv). 44th Street Theatre: 22 Jul 1915- 3 Sep 1915 (52 performances). Cast: Maurice Barrett (as "Waltz King"), Vincent Cassidy (as "Chorus"), Alice Dovey (as "Helene Fudge"), Sidgewick Draper (as "Chorus"), Irene Franklin (as "Violet Lavender"), James Gillespie (as "Chorus"), Stewart Gilmore (as "Chorus"), Burton Green (as "Mr. Need-in-time"), George Hassell (as "Strong Arm Steve"), 'Ralph Herz' (qv) (as "Fake Kennedy"), Sunshine Jarrman (as "Chorus"), Adele Jason (as "Lindy"), Alfred Latell (as "Ingersoll"), Adelaide Lawrence (as "Chorus"), Emilie Lea (as "Mlle. Marcelle"), Willard Louis (as "Obadiah Fudge"), Donald MacDonald (as "Harry Lightfoot"), Henry Mack (as "Ignatz"), Artie Mehlinger (as "Percy Bonehead"), Bobby North (as "Simp Watson"), A. Robbins (as "F.C. Centric"), 'Will Rogers (I)' (qv) (as "Cow-Boy Will"), Margaret Satler (as "Chorus"), Clarice Snyder (as "Chorus"), Dorothy Strong (as "Chorus"), Peter Swift (as "Sergeant Murphy"), 'Florence Walton' (qv) (as "La Belle Claire"). Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   (1915). Stage Play: A World of Pleasure. Musical revue. Book by 'Harold Atteridge' (qv). Music by 'Sigmund Romberg' (qv). Lyrics by Harold Atteridge. Additional music by John L. Golden and J. Leubrie Hill. Additional lyrics by Jack Wilson, John L. Golden and J. Leubrie Hill. Musical Director: 'Oscar Radin' (qv). Choreographed by Jack Mason and 'Theodore Kosloff' (qv). Directed by J.C. Huffman. Winter Garden Theatre: 14 Oct 1915- 22 Jan 1916 (116 performances). Cast: Edward Aveling, William Banfield Taylor, Franklyn Batie, Jack Bick, Eleanor Brown, Rene Chaplow, Collins & Hart, Clifton Crawford, Dwight Dana, Maurice Diamond, Sahary Djeli, Venita Fitzhugh, William Gibson, Kitty Gordon, 'Sydney Greenstreet' (qv) (as "V. Gates"), Dan Healey, Olga Hempstone, Kittie Hill, 'Lou Holtz (I)' (qv) (as "Sam"), Theodore Kosloff (as "a Ballet Master"), Albert S. Lloyd, Jack Manning, Stella Mayhew, Helen McMahon, Ada Meade, George Moon, Daniel Morris, The Mosconi Brothers, Bud Murray, Frances Pritchard, Rosie Quinn, Marie Salisbury, Gustave Schult, Gilbert Wells, Lois Whitney, Jack Wilson. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.

-   (1916). Stage Play: See America First. Musical comedy/opera. Book by T. Lawrason Riggs. Music by Cole Porter. Lyrics by 'Cole Porter' (qv). Musical Direction by Clarence West. Choreographed by Edward Hutchinson and 'Theodore Kosloff' (qv). Costume Design by Homer Conant and Melville Ellis. Directed by 'J.H. Benrimo' (qv). Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 28 Mar 1916- 8 Apr 1916 (15 performances). Cast: Felix Adler (as "Chief Blood-in-His-Eye"), Bettina Best (as "American Bud"), Dorothie Bigelow (as "Polly Higgens"), Eric Block (as "Younger Son"), Jack Bohn (as "Younger Son"), Betty Brewster (as "Gwendolyn"), Lloyd Carpenter (as "Marmaduke"), Jeanne Cartier (as "Notonah/Dancer"), Robert Casey (as "Younger Son"), Irma Chase (as "American Bud"), Adele Christy (as "American Bud"), Ernest Clarke (as "Younger Son"), Edna Coigne (as "American Bud"), Ruth Darby (as "American Bud"), Henry Red Eagle (as "Lo, The Poor Indian"), Sam Edwards (as "Senator Huggins"), 'John Goldsworthy' (qv) [credited as John Heath Goldsworthy] (as "Cecil"), Leo Gordon (as "Guy"), Algernon Grieg (as "Algernon"), Jack Hagner (as "Younger Son"), Helen Herendeen (as "American Bud"), Mary Howard (as "American Bud"), Roma June (as "Ethel"), 'Raymond Klages' (qv) (as "Younger Son") [earliest Broadway credit], Margaret MacKenzie (as "American Bud"), Dorothy Mead (as "American Bud"), 'Gypsy O'Brien' (qv) (as "Muriel"), Harry Pahl (as "Younger Son"), Clara Palmer (as "Sarah"), Lucine Paula (as "American Bud"), Daisy Rudd (as "American Bud"), Don Seaton (as "Younger Son"), Frank Shephard (as "Younger Son"), Perry C. Smith (as "Younger Son"), Jack Varnell (as "Younger Son"), William Warren (as "Younger Son"), 'Clifton Webb' (qv) (as "Percy"), 'Alice Yorke (I)' (qv) (as "American Bud"). Produced by Elisabeth Marbury.

-   (1919). Stage Play: The Awakening. (Revival).

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 8 October 1927, pg. 354, "Kosloff's Application for Citizenship"

-   "Motion Picture Classic" (USA), September 1927, Iss. 39, pg. 84, 87, by: Nellie B. Parker, "Dancing for the Screen"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 23 August 1923, pg. 1119, "Kosloff Joins Famous Players-Laskey"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 31 July 1920, pg. 577, "DeMille Engages Theodore Kosloff"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 3 January 1920, pg. 64, "Theodore Kosloff Becomes Member of DeMille's Staff"

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 13 September 1919, pg. 1649, "Theodore Kosloff, Russian Dancer, with Famous Players"

-   "New York Dramatic Mirror" (USA), 7 July 1915

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