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Mini Biography - March 2010 Beth LaMure first became interested in telling stories as a child, growing up in Roswell, New Mexico, where bizarre stories abounded. Leaving home at the tender age of 16, she made her way to Los Angeles, where she intended to find an outlet for the imagination she survived on as a child. The path to Beth's storytelling career began at New World Television in various aspects of production. From there she worked in development at LucasArts, the independent film arm of LucasFilms, with numerous writers and directors. Eager to learn more about producing, Beth joined One World Productions where she developed an eclectic roster of commercial and music video directors. In 1995,Beth struck out on her own, forming Daisy Force Pictures, a music video production company. At Daisy Force, Beth produced numerous acclaimed music videos with artists such as Savage Garden, Third Eye Blind, The Offspring, Counting Crows, Cyndi Lauper, The Bee Gees, Sex Pistols, Weird Al Yankovic, Eve 6, The Black Crowes, Ben Folds and Hanson, among others. It was at Daisy Force Pictures, working with some of the top visual talent in the industry and directing music videos and commercials herself, where Beth gained the experience to pursue her dream of telling her own stories. Beginning in 1998, Beth worked with Peyton Reed on developing the movies he directed including "Bring It On" and "Down With Love." In 2002 Beth began to devote all of her energies to bringing her unique stories to the screen. Beth has written several screenplays, all with strong, unconventional and colorful women, the product of equally unconventional families. Daisy Winters, one of Beth's first screenplays, and a story close to her heart, is currently (2010) being produced by Tempest Entertainment and Daisy Force Pictures, with Beth attached to direct.
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-   'Peyton Reed' (18 April 1998 - present)

-   Was a producer for both Cyndi Lauper and Weird Al Yankovic who were both directors at her music video production company, Daisy Force Pictures. Cyndi was her idol growing up.

-   Wrote a script called "The Girl From Roswell".

-   Has a dog named Emerson.

-   Was a spelling bee champion growing up.

-   Is one of 7 children and has 23 nieces and nephews.

-   Is not an actress but appeared in two movies that her husband directed.

-   Graduated from Roswell High School, has been constantly asked about the aliens in Roswell.

-   Had her first boyfriend stolen by Demi Moore's cousin Carmen Hinman, she was 12.

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Movies Produced

  1. 'Weird Al' Yankovic Live! (1999) (V) (executive producer: video "The Saga Begins" & "It's All About The Pentiums")
  2. Cyndi Lauper: 12 Deadly Cyns... and Then Some (1994) (V) (executive producer) (segment "Hey Now [Girls Just Want to Have Fun]")