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Chicago, Illinois, USA
5' 3"
Born in Chicago, Illinois. She was a child model. Appeared in many Chicago area plays as well as summer stock. Did catalog work, commercials, print work and voice-overs as a child. Studied dancing: ballet, tap and jazz as well as singing and music. Worked as a professional musician since the age of 13. Can play guitar, both lead and rhythm, piano and bass guitar. Began writing songs at the age of 9. Moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Along the way, met people in the field of television. Began doing background work which led to being a production assistant. That in turn led to stand-in work as well as acting. Recently began writing scripts for film and television.
Peggy Lane O'Rourke

-   Writer.

-   Professional musician and singer since the age of 13.

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  1. Grounds (2013) (producer)
  2. Operation A&E (2013) (executive producer)
  3. Tales of the Supernatural (2013) (V) (associate producer)
  4. Park Bench (2012) (associate producer)
  5. Perfect: Android Rising (2012) (producer)
  6. Reign (2012) (co-producer)
  7. Sticks and Stones (2012/II) (associate producer)
  8. Anniversarius Interruptus (2011) (executive producer)
  9. I'm Mommy (2011) (producer)