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biography of Larner, Daniel (I)

Daniel Keith Larner
19 July 1987, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
5' 10"

-   Has appeared in a few roles at Redroofs Theatre. Here he played the parts of Aladdin's Executioner & Royal Guard in Aladdin, and Prince Charming in Elves Kings & Magical Things.

-   Played the part on Tom in the NFTA short film production of Walk to Nairobi.

-   Worked for three years with the Gantry Youth Theatre in Southampton, and in 2005 was part of the Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead.

-   Coronation Street Cadbury's Family Ident

-   (February 2008) Los Angeles - USA. Spielberg's school of excellence.

-   (August 2008) Los Angeles - USA. Spielberg's school of excellence.

-   (January 2009) Working with Katie Price and Peter Andre's management team Neville and Claire. Living back in the UK.

-   (September 2010) Is currently working in Hampshire for his father's haulage company.

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