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Even at her young age, LenteTresor can 'hang' with the best of them. Known in certain circles as "America's Newest Sweetheart," this actress-singer-model rocked Amy Winehouse's tune "Tears Dry On Their Own" (as seen on YouTube) so much so that the late singer's father was inspired to send a personal note to LenteTresor expressing his enjoyment and approval. And LenteTresor's stunning portrayal of a young, manipulated Hollywood starlet in the controversial Sebastian video "Love in Motion" (directed by uber-director Gaspard Noe), is one for the books, spawning over 72,000 hits on YouTube alone. Clearly, LenteTresor has arrived. In the industry since the age of five, she began as a commercial print model with Wilhemina Models, training with renowned acting coach James Pentaudi for a year. LenteTresor was then featured in commercials and videos, and can now be found auditioning for larger projects with mega-establishments such as Dreamworks (for whom she also did a commercial) and Disney. In fact, in June 2011, LenteTresor competed with more than 4,000 other young talented artists, making the short list - she was among the final three to be considered for the part and made such an impression on the decision makers that she was privileged to meet directly with the VP. LenteTresor has appeared in public service announcements on ABC, the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel; commercials; and music videos. Yet, she takes it all in stride. Though she is well-prepared to take her career to that next level, she is still just that sweet girl next door, who enjoys doing things other kids her age enjoy: reading, relaxing, shopping. Yes, she is truly America's Next Sweetheart. LenteTresor resides in Maryland; however, she commutes to NY, where she also lives part-time in order to enhance her career.
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