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Ewelina Malgorzata Lukaszewska
160 cm
Born Ewelina Malgorzata Lukaszewska, in Wloclawek, Poland. Originally from Chodecz, Poland, at age ten she sang in a choir until the age of twelve. She started prep school at age seven. At just twelve, she started to play the piano in a school band where she starting showing interest in the arts. An amazing fact about the actress is that she was very good at drawing caricatures of famous basketball players, and in 2002, her drawings where sold in an Charity Gala and the money that was raised was given to an organization called WOSP (and used the money to purchase Hospital materials such as incubators). She started High school and focused on Polish, German and biology. In 2003, she became a professional handball player in Junak Wlocklawek. While in school, she also wrote poetry and articles for the High school's newspaper. She also appeared in a few theater plays. In 2005, she traveled to Belfast, Uk, as an exchange student. Being a very active girl, at age nineteen, she started the career of Marketing and Public Relations in Torun. At that period, her parents were moving to Spain for a business matter, and after her first semester in college, she decided to move there as well. She moved to Girona, Spain in the spring of 2007 and started to study Spanish. Independence meant a lot to her, and although she wanted to be close to her family, she lived on her own. She got her first job as a bartender three months after she moved, but soon, she started to work in a 4 star Hotel. Even though her decision to move to Spain, kept her form going to college because of language barriers at that time, she would still write poetry, draw and sometime babysat for her brother when she would go visit her parents. While in Spain, she started to visit other cities and meet new people. At work, she made a few good friends, and in 2010, Ewelina and her friend decided to study abroad, in the State of Washington, USA. She got a movie role as the co-star in the short film "Who's There?" by the end of 2010, directed by Pau Masó. She plans to go back to Spain on the summer of 2011.
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-   Older sister of 'Dominik Lukaszewski' (qv).

-   (September 2010) Seattle, Washington

-   "Gazeta Pomorska" (Poland), 6 July 2011, by: Mc, "W naszym regionie nakreca horror!"

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