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biography of Mandy, Angelica

Angelica Joyce Mandy
Angie Ange
25 August 1992, Bath, Somerset, England, UK
5' 1 1/2"

-   Is a talented photographer.

-   Enjoys the game of rugby.

-   Has been to 3 different schools.

-   Has only 1 blood sister, who is related only from her mother.

-   Her mother's name is Wendy.

-   She has a black and white pet cat named Punky.

-   Her parents were never married.

-   Is a fan of Paris Hilton.

-   Is a fan of Kate Moss.

-   Favorite TV shows are Desperate Housewives, Skins and Shipwrecked.

-   Her favorite brand is Chanel.

-   Owns a gray iPod mini.

-   She is a family friend of British model, Lily Cole.

-   She wears hair extensions and contacts.

-   She loves to go to Glastonbury or Reading music festivals.

-   Her dad's last name is Olgivie.

-   She enjoys music from bands like: Hadouken!, Babyshambles, The Libertines, JayZ, Jimmy T...

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