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biography of Mathews, Andrew C.

-   Family and friends call him by his Cypriot name Andrea (pronounced Andreya).

-   Speaks fluent English and Greek.

-   Studied British Constitution and Economics and entered politics at age 18 to become a Member of Parliament but followed his passion to be an actor instead.

-   Proficient Greek dancer.

-   While doing a film stunt in England, he fell 15 feet through a roof onto concrete, landing on his back. Temporarily paralyzed, he miraculously got up as the rest of the roof crashed down.

-   Captured a rattlesnake with a broad sword when it slithered onto the film set.

-   Went on a Snickers audition with a throbbing toothache and had to eat several Snickers bars while the director shot it from all angles.

-   He has received dispensations from the box office smash hit Twilight.

-   His first, middle and surname are all saint names.

-   Born in Croydon, South London. Both of his parents are from Ayios Sergios, Famagusta in Cyprus.

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  3. Frankenstein: Day of the Beast (2011) (producer)
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