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Kelsie Louise Mathews was born in Evansville, Indiana. She is the second of four, and the only girl in her family. Her parents met in theatre in college. Her mother an actress, and her father a techie. Her mother taught her how to act, while her father taught her how to sing. She grew up doing Civil War re-enactments as a child, her first one only being 3 weeks old. Her family is an over-all performing family, even her grandmother has a band with her 11 brothers and sisters. Kelsie has always wanted to be an actress since she was a child. Her dream role was and still is to play Belle in "Beauty and the Beast; The Musical" on Broadway. She used to dress her younger brother up, and make him be in her little plays. Her mother was a drama teacher, and would always add little roles for her daughter. In high school, Kelsie took every acting class she possibly could, and then was a teacher assistant after she had completed them all. Kelsie didn't start getting into film until 2009 when she moved to Salt Lake. Since then she has done several films, including "127 Hours". Kelsie enjoys singing, dancing, and playing music as well. She writes her own music, and plays several different instruments. She has her own band, and performs shows on a regular basis. You can expect to be seeing a lot more of her in the near future.

-   Kelsie's father served in the Air Force, and most of her family is either past or present military.

-   Kelsie has her own band, and performs often. Known for her Celtic voice, with an Indie style.

-   Kelsie's older brother, Chance Mathews, died when he was age 17. Kelsie was the last person to see him alive.

-   Kelsie's mother taught her how to play the flute and tap dance when she was in her early years. Although, she stopped tap dancing, she never gave up on the flute, and plays it often.

-   Kelsie had her poem called "Pajaro" published at age 9.

-   Love is a precious gift. One that should be shared with all you come into contact with. Don't give away your heart so easily, but give away your love most definitely.

-   Love is like open heart surgery. Long, painful, but yet keeps the heart beating.

-   My goal in life is not to be famous, but rather to do what I love and inspire the world with the gifts and talents my Heavenly Father has given me. I choose to inspire, and touch a heart or two, rather than sink to the waste the world is used to today. I want people to see what I am doing, and want to make a change to. Why waste our talents on ourselves? Why not do some good with it?

-   Being happy with yourself means forgetting the hate, and loving yourself when it might feel like the world is against you. Find the beauty all around you, including in yourself.

-   Happiness is a personal choice. You can choose to let the small things tear you down, or you can choose to find the positive, the beauty, in every situation. No one has control over your happiness but you. Choose happiness, because there is always someone who needs that smile more than you need your tears. Spread the joy.

-   Look in the mirror. You can set yourself up for the future by first facing the present.

-   The beauty of life is accepting what we cannot change, and pursuing what we can. Life is a beautiful piece of art, put a little splash in it, and make it your own.

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