Meeker, Ralph Biography

biography of Meeker, Ralph

Rathgeber, Ralph
21 November 1920, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
5 August 1988, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (heart attack)
6' 1"
Burly American character actor Ralph Meeker first acted on stage at his Alma mater, Northwestern University, alongside other budding performers 'Charlton Heston' (qv) and 'Patricia Neal (I)' (qv). He graduated as a music major, because his dean had discouraged him from pursuing a theatrical career. Ignoring that advice, Meeker nevertheless moved to New York to study method acting and performing in local stock companies. After being injured during a brief wartime stint with the navy and consequently discharged from active duty, Meeker went overseas to play his part in entertaining the troops as a member of the USO. He finally 'arrived' on Broadway in 1945 and was given small roles in two plays produced by 'Jose Ferrer (I)', making his debut in "Strange Fruit". He was still relatively unknown in 1947 when he replaced 'Marlon Brando' (qv) as Stanley Kowalski in "A Streetcar Named Desire" two years later, giving a commanding and critically acclaimed performance. After playing Kowalski in the touring company of 'Streetcar', Meeker was further noticed for his part in the original production of "Mister Roberts" . As a result, he had several European motion picture offers and selected to play the role of an army sergeant in _Teresa (1951)_ (qv), co-starring 'Pier Angeli' (qv). That same year, he was in another continental drama, shot on location in Switzerland, _Die Vier im Jeep (1951)_ (qv). After a two-year sojourn at MGM, Meeker returned to Broadway to star as the swaggering, likeable, larger-than-life rogue Hal Carter, in 'William Inge' (qv)'s play "Picnic" on Broadway. His performance was not only highly praised by reviewers like 'Brooks Atkinson' (qv), but also won him the New York Critics Circle Award. In later years, Meeker claimed to have spurned Columbia's offer of reprising his role on screen because he disdained being shackled by a studio contract. In any case, the prize role went to 'William Holden (I)' (qv) and Meeker was consigned (with the odd exception) to playing hard- nosed guys on either side of the law - or bullies with a yellow streak - as a supporting actor over the next thirty years. He did, however, leave his mark with several top-notch performances. One of his best early screen roles was that of the disgraced ex-Union officer Roy Anderson in 'Anthony Mann (I)' (qv)'s brilliant revenge western _The Naked Spur (1953)_ (qv). As one of four men stripped of humanity by greed and hatred (the others were 'James Stewart (I)' (qv), 'Robert Ryan (I)' (qv) and 'Millard Mitchell' (qv)), Ralph Meeker gave a convincing portrayal of a cynical and callous opportunist. Meeker's defining role was that of Mike Hammer in _Kiss Me Deadly (1955)_ (qv). The film was unusual, in that Hammer was played, unlike any private detectives of previous films noir, as a basically unsavoury character - one of the first of the anti-heroes which began to appear in films of the 1960's. Under the direction of 'Robert Aldrich (I)' (qv), Meeker's characterisation as Mike Hammer effectively contrasted a smooth, handsome facade with an undercurrent of arrogance, unmitigated ruthlessness and greed. When the film was released, it ran into censorship trouble, the Kefauver Commission labelling it the Number One Menace to American Youth for 1955. While "Kiss Me Deadly" acquired a cult following over the years, it certainly failed to advance the career of Ralph Meeker. He did, however, manage to get second billing for the part of Corporal Paris, one of three World War I French infantry men randomly selected for execution (because their regiment had refused a suicidal mission), in 'Stanley Kubrick (I)' (qv)'s harrowing anti-war drama _Paths of Glory (1957)_ (qv). He gave another finely etched performance through his character's gradual deterioration from swaggering bravado to abject fear. Also that year, Meeker played a snarling, Indian-hating Yankee officer in _Run of the Arrow (1957)_ (qv) and co-starred as 'Jane Russell (I)' (qv)s unlikely kidnapper in the failed 'Norman Taurog' (qv) comedy _The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown (1957)_ (qv). In between numerous television appearances during the 1960's, Meeker returned to the stage as member of the Lincoln Centre Repertory Theatre, where he was reunited with 'Elia Kazan' (qv) (who had directed him in 'Streetcar') to act in 'Arthur Miller (I)' (qv)'s play "After the Fall" (1964-65). He also worked with Robert Aldrich again, playing George 'Bugs' Moran (who Meeker allegedly resembled), the Chicago mobster whose gang was wiped out by 'Al Capone (I)' in _The St. Valentine's Day Massacre (1967)_ (qv). After the decline of the studio system, Meeker found much gainful employment in television and even had his own syndicated series, _"Not for Hire" (1959)_ (qv), playing a tough Honolulu investigator. However, the show came up against the similarly themed _"Hawaiian Eye" (1959)_ (qv) and only ran to 39 episodes. Meeker then guest-starred on numerous other shows and had noteworthy roles as, among others, a boorish tycoon who discovers a prehistoric amphibious creature in _"The Outer Limits" (1963)_ (qv) episode "The Tourist Attraction"; an ex-cop turned derelict in _"Ironside" (1967)_ (qv) ('Price Tag: Death Details'); and FBI agent Bernie Jenks in the TV pilot of _The Night Stalker (1972) (TV)_ (qv). Add to that a gallery of snarling or harassed law enforcers from _The Girl on the Late, Late Show (1974) (TV)_ (qv) to _Brannigan (1975)_ (qv) and episodes of _"Harry O" (1973)_ (qv), _"The Rookies" (1972)_ (qv) and _"Police Story" (1973)_ (qv). Ralph Meeker remained a much- in-demand character actor until his death of a heart attack in August 1988.

-   'Salome Jens' (qv) (20 July 1964 - 1966) (divorced)

-   'Colleen Meeker' (qv) (? - 5 August 1988) (his death)

-   Worked as understudy for 'Henry Fonda' (qv) in the theater version of Mister Roberts (1947)

-   Shares a birthday with 'Björk' (qv), 'Goldie Hawn' (qv), 'Rachel Rogers (II)' (qv), 'Nicollette Sheridan' (qv), & 'Juliet Mills' (qv)

-   Starred with 'Vera Miles' (qv) in the very first _"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955)_ (qv) episode, "Revenge".

-   Biography in: "The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives". Volume Two, 1986-1990, pages 619-620. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1999.

-   (1946) Stage: Appeared (as "Lackey") and was assistant to 'José Ferrer (I)' (qv) in "Cyrano de Bergerac" on Broadway. Written by 'Edmond Rostand' (qv). Played at the Alvin Theatre and then at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre in New York City. Cast: Jose Ferrer ("Cyrano").

-   (1948) Stage: Appeared (as "Mannion"; also understudy for 'Henry Fonda' (qv)) in "Mister Roberts" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by 'Thomas Heggen' (qv) (based on his novel) and 'Joshua Logan (I)' (qv) (also director). Scenic /Lighting Design by 'Jo Mielziner' (qv). Alvin Theatre: 18 Feb 1948- 6 Jan 1951 (1157 performances). Cast: 'Henry Fonda' (qv), 'William Harrigan (I)' (qv), 'Robert Keith (I)' (qv), 'David Wayne (I)' (qv) (as "Ensign Pulver"), 'Tige Andrews' (qv), Robert Baines, Fred Barton, 'Joseph Bernard (I)' (qv), 'Jocelyn Brando' (qv), John Campbell, Ellis Eringer, 'Murray Hamilton (I)' (qv), 'Steven Hill (I)' (qv), 'Marshall Jamison' (qv), John Jordan, Mikel Kane, Bob Keith Jr., Lee Kreiger, John Kullers, 'Rusty Lane (I)' (qv), 'Harvey Lembeck' (qv) (as "Insignia"; Broadway debut), Karl Lukas, Joe Marr, Walter Mullen, Jack Pierce, James Sherwood, Len Smith Jr., Sanders Turner, Casey Walters, 'David Wayne (I)' (qv). Produced by 'Leland Hayward' (qv). Replacement actors: Tige Andrews (as "Schlemmer"), 'Larry Blyden' (qv) (as "Ensign Pulver" / "Shore Patrol Officer"), Bart Burns, Don Fellows, 'Jan Merlin' (qv), 'Alvy Moore' (qv) (as "Ensign Pulver"), Mickey Schiller, 'Philip Schuyler' (qv) (as "Ensemble"), 'Rufus Smith' (qv) (as "Shore Patrol Officer"), 'Eli Wallach' (qv) (as "Stefanowski"). NOTE: Filmed as _Mister Roberts (1955)_ (qv).

-   (1949) Stage: Appeared (as "Stanley Kowalski") in 'Tennessee Williams' (qv)' "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway and in the national touring productions.

-   (1953) Stage: Appeared (as "Hal Carter") in "Picnic" on Broadway. Comedy. Written by 'William Inge' (qv). Scenic Design / Lighting Design by 'Jo Mielziner' (qv). Directed by 'Joshua Logan (I)' (qv). Music Box Theatre: 19 Feb 1953-10 Apr 1954 (477 performances). Cast: 'Peggy Conklin' (qv) (as "Flo Owens"), 'Eileen Heckart' (qv), 'Ruth McDevitt' (qv), Morris Miller, 'Paul Newman (I)' (qv) (as "Alan Seymour"' Broadway debut), 'Arthur O'Connell' (qv) (as "Howard Bevans"), 'Janice Rule' (qv) (as "Madge Owens"), 'Reta Shaw' (qv), 'Kim Stanley (I)' (qv) (as "Millie Owens"), Elizabeth Wilson. Replacement actors: Sandra Church, 'Dulcie Cooper' (qv) (as "Irma Kronkite"), 'Betty Lou Holland' (qv) (as "Millie Owens"), Eleanor Phelps. Produced by The Theatre Guild ('Theresa Helburn' (qv), Lawrence Langner: Administrative Directors) and Joshua Logan.

-   (1958) Stage: Appeared in "Top Man" (1958). Opened in New Haven, CT; closed in Philadelphia, PA.

-   (1965) Stage: Appeared in "Cloud 7" on Broadway. John Golden Theatre, New York City.

-   (1958) Stage: Appeared in "Something About a Soldier" on Broadway. Ambassador Theatre, New York City.

-   (1962) Stage: Appeared in "Natural Affection" at Sombrero Playhouse, Phoenix, AZ.

-   (1964) Stage: Appeared in "After the Fall", ANTA Washington Square Theatre, New York City. Also in cast: 'Salome Jens' (qv) (she and Meeker married in July of that year).

-   (1964) Stage: Appeared (as "Charles Taney") in "But For Whom Charlie" on Broadway. Written by 'S.N. Behrman' (qv). Music arranged by David Amram. Scenic Design / lighting by 'Jo Mielziner' (qv). Costume Design by 'Anna Hill Johnstone' (qv). Directed by 'Elia Kazan' (qv). ANTA Washington Square Theatre: 12 Mar-2 Jul 1964 (47 performances/note: rotated in repertory with "After the Fall" and "Marco Millions"). Cast: 'Mariclare Costello' (qv), 'Faye Dunaway' (qv), Faith Prosper, 'Salome Jens' (qv), 'Clint Kimbrough' (qv), 'Barbara Loden' (qv), 'Jason Robards' (qv) (as "Seymour Rosenthal"), 'Patricia Roe (I)' (qv), Diane Shalet, Michael Stroud, 'David Wayne (I)' (qv) (as "Brock Dunaway"). Produced by Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center (under the direction of Robert Whitehead and Elia Kazan).

-   (1965) Stage: Appeared in "Mrs. Dally" at the John Golden Theatre, New City,. The play ran for 52 performances.

-   (1945) Stage: Appeared (as "Chuck"; Broadway debut) in "Strange Fruit" on Broadway. Written by 'Lillian Smith (II)' (qv) (based on her novel). Directed / produced by 'José Ferrer (I)' (qv). Royale Theatre: 29 Nov 1945-19 Jan 1946 (60 performances). Cast: 'Vera Allen (I)' (qv) (as "Alma Deen"), Doris Block, Alonzo Bozan, Dorothy Carter, Stephen Chase, Robert T. Daggett, Phyllis De Bus, Hanson W. Elkins, 'Mel Ferrer (I)' (qv) (as "Tracy Deen"), Mary Fletcher, Peter Griffith, 'Murray Hamilton (I)' (qv) (as "A Mill Hand"), Juan Jose Hernandez, 'Juano Hernandez' (qv), Earle C. Jones, Herbert Junior, Charlotte Keane, 'Betty Lou Keim' (qv) (as "Young Laura Deen"), Francis Letton, Jay Norris, George B. Oliver, Eugenia Rawls, Ken Renard, Esther Smith, Robinson Stone, Ralph Theadore, Edna Thomas, 'Frank Tweddell' (qv), Jane White, Richard Williams, Ellsworth Wright, Ted Yaryan.

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Movies Produced

  1. My Boys Are Good Boys (1978) (executive producer)