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Harry Edward Melling
13 March 1989, London, England, UK
5' 9"

-   Harry is 'Patrick Troughton' (qv)'s grandson.

-   Hopes to set up film production company with a friend when they are older.

-   Harry Potter casting agents held auditions at Hendon School for the second movie, after being impressed by Harry's performance. No one from the school was cast.

-   Has a brother called Jack, who also attends Hendon School.

-   Attended the Millfield Theatre Youth Drama Group.

-   Attended The Sue Nieto Theatre School for Saturday morning classes.

-   He loves theatre, films, playing the drums and watching football.

-   He started putting on shows for his family aged just four years old.

-   He is the nephew of 'David Troughton' (qv) and 'Michael Troughton (I)' (qv).

-   He is the first cousin of 'Sam Troughton' (qv) and Warwickshire cricketer James "Jim" Troughton.

-   (December 2001) Currently in his second year at Hendon School in North West London

-   (September 2004) He left Hendon School in North West London in 2003.

-   _Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001)_ (qv) -> £4,000

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