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biography of Merhige, E. Elias

1964, Brooklyn, New York, USA

-   Directed 'Marilyn Manson' (qv) music video "Anti-Christ Superstar" (1996).

-   Directed 'Marilyn Manson' (qv) music video "Cryptorchid" (1999).

-   Directed 'Glenn Danzig' (qv) music video "Serpentia" (1997).

-   Directed 'Interpol' (qv) music video "The Heinrich Maneuver" (2007).

-   Whatever happened to Search and Discovery in the arts of today? Artists must behave like archaeologists if the guts of visionary filmmaking can happen. They will have to return to the depths of the collective unknown to find out what we're all about. From that universal dream our most individual and forceful voices can emerge.

-   "Film Comment" (USA), January 1991, Vol. 27, Iss. 1, pg. 2, by: Robert DiMatteo, "Future Primeval"

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Movies Produced

  1. Din of Celestial Birds (2006) (producer)
  2. Suspect Zero (2004) (producer)
  3. Begotten (1990) (producer)