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Left his job at the bank in 1996, after almost ten years of employment, to dedicate himself to pursuing a long held desire for a career in film and television. At the time of his leaving the bank, he was already halfway through a film and television course at North Sydney T.A.F.E., eventually choosing the editing strand as his specialty for the second and third years of study. Graduated with highest marks of his year. His first job in the industry was at the end of 1996 as a location scout on the ABC drama 'Fallen Angels'. At the beginning of the new year in 1997, he was offered a job as a runner on a Korean feature being shot around Sydney called 'Wanted'. The salary earned went to pay for AVID tutorials where his paths crossed with Jason Ballantine, who was his instructor on the AVID Assistant course. In 1998, he was offered the second assistant job on 'Babe: Pig in the City' by Jason. It was night shift, processing the day's rushes for cutting the following day. At the time, he was night packing at Woolworths. He immediately dropped the grocery job for the opportunity to break into the world of post production.

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