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Breckin Erin Meyer
7 May 1974, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
5' 5"
Breckin went to grade school with 'Drew Barrymore (I)' (qv) and attended Beverly Hills High School with 'Alicia Silverstone' (qv), 'Joshua John Miller' (qv) and 'Branden Williams' (qv). It was Barrymore who introduced Breckin to her agent, after which he started doing commercials and the game show _"Child's Play" (1982)_ (qv). After being accepted to California State University at Northridge, Breckin decided to put school on hold and pursue acting. He has always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and may still do that in the future. Breckin was the drummer in the Streetwalking Cheetahs with his brother, Frank, which recorded a demo in 1995. He was the lead vocal on two songs, "Carnival" and "Dave". During 1995-1996, the band played about 10 gigs around Los Angeles. The Streetwalking Cheetahs' second album, "Overdrive" and their new album, "Live on KXLU", feature songs written when Breckin was still in the band. These songs include "None of Your Business", "All I Want", "Peppermint", "Thought that Crosses My Mind" and "Turn Me Down". After the Streetwalking Cheetahs, he started his own band, Bellyroom, with 'Seth Green' (qv) and 'Alexander Martin (I)' (qv), 'Dean Martin (I)' (qv)'s grandson. They played a few gigs around Los Angeles in 1996. Currently, he doesn't play in any band. Breckin's friends include 'Josh Holland (I)' (qv) (_"USA High" (1997)_ (qv)) and 'Seth Green' (qv). His best friend is 'Ryan Phillippe' (qv), with whom he starred in _54 (1998)_ (qv). Breckin is married to 'Deborah Kaplan (I)' (qv), who wrote and directed _Can't Hardly Wait (1998)_ (qv), in which Breckin had a cameo. Breckin's hobbies include playing drums, video games and sometimes sports. He's a big fan of 'Sean Penn (I)' (qv), 'Robert De Niro' (qv), 'Al Pacino' (qv) and 'Richard Dreyfuss' (qv). He spends most of his free time with Kaplan, and also with Seth Green and Ryan Phillippe.
Kelly Wiebe

-   'Deborah Kaplan (I)' (qv) (14 October 2001 - present) (separated); 1 child

-   His parents, Chris (a management consultant) and Dorothy (a microbiologist-turned-travel agent), are divorced.

-   Has an older brother Frank and a younger brother Adam.

-   'Drew Barrymore (I)' (qv)'s teen biography "Little Girl Lost," credits Breckin as having given her her first kiss at age 10 while Breckin was age 11.

-   Is in business with 'Seth Green' (qv) and 'Ryan Phillippe' (qv). These three actors have their own production company.

-   Played the drums in a punk band with a few friends.

-   Actress 'Miriam Shor' (qv), who played the role of "Julie Hermann" in the TV series _"Inside Schwartz" (2001)_ (qv), tutored Breckin Meyer, who is not Jewish, on playing the Jewish character "Adam Schwartz".

-   Has a daughter with wife 'Deborah Kaplan (I)' (qv), named Keaton Willow, b. December 31, 2003.

-   Went to the same High School as 'Angelina Jolie' (qv), 'Michael Klesic' (qv), 'Nicolas Cage' (qv), 'Corbin Bernsen' (qv), 'Lenny Kravitz' (qv), 'David Schwimmer (I)' (qv), 'Jonathan Silverman (I)' (qv) and 'Richard Dreyfuss' (qv).

-   Was in a deleted scene from _Old School (2003)_ (qv), in which he played a police officer. Only a glimpse of the scene can be seen in the blooper reel on the DVD.

-   He co-starred with 'Amy Smart' (qv) in both _Rat Race (2001)_ (qv) and _Road Trip (2000)_ (qv).

-   Attended Beverly Hills High School with writer/actor 'Quincy Rose' (qv), 'Alicia Silverstone' (qv) and 'Johnny Whitworth' (qv).

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