Mitchell, Hugh (I) Biography

biography of Mitchell, Hugh (I)

Hugh William Mitchell
7 September 1989, England, UK

-   He has two sisters: Joanna and Catherine.

-   _Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)_ (qv) -> 45,000 English pounds

-   "SFX" (UK), November 2002, Iss. 97, pg. 57, by: Dave Golder, "A Broom with a View"

-   "Vanity Fair" (UK), October 2002, Iss. 506, pg. 175, by: Sam Tanenhaus, Mark Seliger, "Return to Hogwarts"

-   "Empire" (UK), August 2002, Iss. 158, pg. 27, "Beware Branagh"

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