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4 September 1960, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
5' 5"
Merritt Mitchell was born Pamela Ann Mothershed in Atlanta, Georgia. She was adopted by her stepfather which changed her last name to Mitchell. As an adult she legally changed her first name to Merritt, which was her mother's maiden name. Appearing in her first theatrical production in the third grade, she was cast in the lead role of the production of Cinderella. However, Merritt's first love was music and she didn't begin her career in entertainment until the early eighties. As a singer for the rock band Masters of Desire, later known as The Drive, a seven piece rock band that toured the East Coast, she was the front "man" and lyricist for ten years. After having her only daughter in late 1990 she decided to get off the road and focused on being a mother. However, Merritt still longed for a creative outlet and decided to pursue a career in acting after being hired as an extra on the Kevin Hooks film "Fled" starring Stephen Baldwin and Lawrence Fishburne. Kevin invited her to watch from the director's point of view while shooting scenes of the lead actors. For the last twenty years she has performed as an actor and/or singer on stage in various productions, in commercials, film and television. She was a one-time backup singer for the rock group Collective Soul when they were known as Ed-e. She is frequently cast in independent and feature films as well as television. She is known for her character work. She most recently was cast as Countess DeFalco in the independent short, "Paula Peril, Mystery of the Crystal Falcon" and as a character written for her in the feature length indie "Quarterlife Ben" scheduled for release June 2011. She was also featured as a police officer on Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns" television series.

-   'Jason Abelkop' (1 June 2007 - present)

-   Blue eyes

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