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Monet Tatianna Lerner
2 May 1990
5' 8"
Singer/Actress/Musician/Songwriter/Producer Monet Lerner has been adapting to show business for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Los Angeles with her parents, her home was always flooded with music and the arts, making singing and acting as natural as walking and talking. At the age of nine she wrote her first song, and everything just popped after that. She took part in many church musicals from the age of three all the way up till the age of fourteen. She has done many professional musical theatre productions such as "Grease", "Bye Bye Birdie", "The Music Man" and most recently "Teen Witch The Musical". She has written/co-written over one-hundred songs, and still writing everyday. Now just at 17 years old, Monet has sold out many venues including "The Whisky" and "The Roxy", and has opened for many well known artists as well as gone on some promotional tours with her music. As for acting, Monet has been featured on hit shows such as "The Bernie Mac Show" and "Zoey 101". When the producers of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" saw her open for Jesse McCartney, they immediately booked her to play Cody's "rock star crush" on the episode "What the Hey." The storyline revolves around Zack and Cody skipping school and becoming a part of Monet's video shoot. The episode wowed America - it earned her the Best Actress Title at "The Young Artist Awards" and remains one of the highest rated episodes to date. Along with her Comedic performances, Monét has also been considered by many of her acting coaches as "The next Oscar Winner" for her more serious roles, like in the independent film "Carpe Diem". Along with her passion for music and acting, Monet has made a solid commitment to giving back & being an active role model for women & children all over. She donates her time and talents for such charities as the Ronald McDonald House, The American Cancer Society and Children's Hospitals all over the country. This past year she received the 2007 "Care Award" to recognize her generous spirit.
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-   Favorite place to go on her spare time is the Mall to shop & Pinkberry.

-   Has two dogs (shitzus) named Bubba & Roxi.

-   Goddaughter of Fred Waugh.

-   Daughter of Fred Lerner.

-   CBS Worst Week commercial (2008)

-   Eye Clops Toy commercial (2008)

-   Surrogates Movie Trailer (2008)

-   Guitar Hero commercial (2008)

-   (2007) On a National U.S./Canadian tour with the popular group Jump 5

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