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Craig Muckler was born in 1953 in the Mesabi Range town of Virginia, Minnesota. He was born with a stutter and a determination to overcome it. As a result, he was part of a rock band in high school. His childhood was also influenced by a regular summer visitor, the mother of Rock Hudson. Craig moved to Los Angeles to try to make it in show biz. He was part of the company that produced "Malibu High, " and tried his hand at everything he could, including acting -- his part in a film about skyjacker D.B. Cooper ended on the cutting room floor -- to script writing -- succeeding with the cult classic "Microwave Massacre" -- and he kept body and soul together with such jobs as movie theater employee. A friend and local-access TV producer, Michael Morrison, encouraged him to host his own show, and named it for him: "Craig Muckler's Hollywood Showcase." Among the guests Craig had on the show: comedian 'Jackie Vernon (I)' (qv), actors 'Aldo Ray' (qv), 'William Sanderson' (qv), 'Misty Rowe' (qv), 'Bo Svenson' (qv), 'Brinke Stevens' (qv), director 'Allan Holzman' (qv), composer 'Susan Justin' (qv). His next big project was the film _Attack of the B-Movie Monster (2002) (V)_ the cast of which included some of his own favorite actors, and gave him a small part, too.
Michael Morrison

-   (1971) Graduated from Roosevelt High School, Virginia, Minnesota

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