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Scottie Scott
14 August 1973, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA
6' 3"
The youngest son of a Baptist minister (William Travis Newman), who also worked throughout his life driving city buses and taxicabs and mother (Martha Josephine Fowler Newman), a homemaker, Travis Scott Newman was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and grew up in the Ben Donnell projects of the Wichita Falls Housing Authority. He attended Wichita Falls and Burkburnett public schools and graduated in the 100th senior class of Wichita Falls High School (1991) where he was active in sports, theatre arts and participated in a local children's television program, 'The Wally the Wonderdog Show'(1990-91), as host, writer and puppeteer and also his first film, as an extra in the Peter Bogdanovich directed, 'Texasville' (1990), the sequel to 'The Last Picture Show' (1971), the Academy Award-winning contender for Best Picture, written by Academy Award and Pulitzer Prize winning screenwriter/novelist Larry McMurtry, also a Wichita Falls native. While in high school, in the wake of Operation Desert Shield, Newman enlisted in the United States Navy through the delayed entry program and spent the next several years between duty stations and naval commands during Operation Desert Storm as an Aviation Boatswain's Mate specializing in aviation firefighting and catapult systems aboard aircraft carriers such as the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) and, while on active-duty and soon following, attended several colleges and universities, majoring in Business and achieving success in the insurance, healthcare and staffing industries but always continuing in his education and passion for film, music and writing. In 2006, while acting on a student film, he met director Bradley Scott Sullivan and made a decision to pursue acting as a career. He began acting in local theatre productions, commercials, television and film with some success finding smaller roles on such projects as 'Jolene' (2008), 'Live Fast, Die Young' (2008), 'The Deep End' (2010) and was eventually cast on another Sullivan-directed project, the critically-acclaimed low-budget horror hit 'I Didn't Come Here To Die' (2010), with a supporting performance that drew rave reviews and comparisons to the likes of several Hollywood heavyweights. He continues to find unique roles and appears to be one of the faces of the future in the realm of television and film. He spends time between California, Texas and New York.

-   Heavy Texas drawl

-   Dark Hair

-   Masculine Features

-   Voted Junior and Senior Class President and "Class Favorite" consecutively in high school.

-   On making horror films: A creepy house, a cemetery, two girls, a guy and a pair of pliers or whatever... That's all it takes! Horror films are fun, simple and have always ranked amongst my very favorite films to watch and most certainly to make. You hear "action" and suddenly it's Halloween again! I'm lucky. I'm basically a professional trick or treater.

-   On filming 'I Didn't Come Here To Die': Redneck deputy sheriff and I get to grow a moustache? I'm in! However, I was very ill when we shot the film and especially in the days just prior to the shoot. But as an actor all you can do is 'use it', so I did. Tried to just let it flow into the anxiety of this character who gets hit with a series of extremely rattling situations quite suddenly. What's funny is, I went to the premiere and most of the cast or crew didn't recognize me. They were so surprised! Granted, I had some obvious differences, a moustache, cowboy hat, etc. but I like to think it was the attitude of the character that I embodied that was so completely different from my own. That's the idea, after all... to follow in the footsteps of my idols. True movie 'magicians' like Spencer Tracy and Lon Chaney, Jr., the original 'man of a thousand faces'. They fooled the audience. They convinced the audience. And in accomplishing that, as actors, we must first fool and convince ourselves. That's the trick. There is nothing like sitting in a movie theatre, watching your film and hearing comments in regard to your character - without being recognized, whatsoever. It's very cool stuff!

-   On filming 'Jolene': Ok. I'm hardly in the film BUT it was one of the most professional learning experiences I've had as an actor. I learned so much. It's a truly great film structure, strong traditional story, stellar supporting cast including Frances Fisher, Dermot Mulroney, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Vartan, Rupert Friend and Denise Richards, to name a few. The raw talent and years of acting experience in the film, especially for an independent film are incredible. But one of my very favorite actresses, Jessica Chastain, whose career has blown up since, not surprisingly... blew me away! She's an acting machine and so gracious to everyone no matter how large or small their role. That's what I took away from that production the most, the professionalism and respect that director, Dan Ireland conveyed to everyone really trickled right down to the very last grip or extra. It's disappointing that it has not been exposed to a broad audience, to date. However, there is finally 'Jolene: Director's Cut' coming available so, perhaps the film will finally get the credit it truly deserves over time.

-   On the filming and origin of 'One Heart': Extremely moving story of a generous coach, family and community (Grapevine Faith High School in Grapevine, Texas), Gainesville Juvenile Detention Center in Gainesville, Texas and the football program that changed many, many lives. It's especially moving for me, since this film was based on a true story and takes place in North Texas (where I am from and also experienced the power of high school athletics, namely; football). Meeting the persons portrayed in the film, being in the places where things happened, you truly get a feeling for not just the project but all of those involved. It not only adds a very personal touch but brings out the best in an actor and a crew in all their attempts to convey that feeling and emotion to an audience. It's really a big deal.

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