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17 September 1969, London, England, UK
Born in London, of Argentine and British background and USA citizen, Ms. Oliva-Day has Studios in Pasadena, California and Buenos Aires, Argentina. A graduate of Film and Photography Studies from Cape Town University, South Africa, Ms. Oliva-Day was offered her first position as Photography Assistant at Paramount's Offices in Rome. Subsequently she met Mr. John. Simenon, President of Twentieth Century Fox, Europe, and Mr Osvaldo De Santis, CEO of Twenty Century Fox, Italy, and was invited to join their team in Rome, as it created the Advertising Campaigns for the European releases of The Third Star Wars series, and the icon film, Brazil. Ms. Oliva-Day traveled, thereafter, to Buenos Aires, Argentina where she joined, Film and Ad Director Edi Flehner, into creating numerous awarded and distinguished Advertising and Spot Campaigns. An avid photographer and explorer of the new Digital Media's technologies, Ms. Oliva-Day united creative forces with Stargate Films and as its Creative Director funded in 2001, Stargate Digital, a state of the arts visual production company, opening studios in South Pasadena, in Vancouver during 2001 and 2003 in London, being nominated and wining countless awards including the Emmy's. Stargate Digital became responsible for designing the Photographic Edgy Images and Visuals Effects, for such series as The Dead Zone, Ugly Betty, Grace Anatomy, Crossing Jordan, ER, Las Vegas, Heroes, the creative innovative hit CSI Las Vegas, and the compelling 24. In 2003 Mayor Hahn assigned Ms. Oliva-Day to write, direct and photograph, the Image Campaign for Los Angeles. She invited numerous entertainment related colleagues to join with her in her enthusiasm, for a city to which she is most grateful, creating an Ad campaign watched world wide and setting the ground for a new vision of an artistic, productive, multi-racial and profoundly welcoming Los Angeles. In 2007 Ms. Oliva-Day decided to dedicate full time to producing documentaries and films, including animation and photography, working at her new Studio in Pasadena, in Argentina worldwide. Dianna's photographs, which are solely 35 mm, medium and large format film, are printed in her favorite Labs in South America onto purely large murals of metallics paper, and are part of a large number of collections both in the United States and South America. Today Ms. Oliva Day has finalized three series called Petals & Passion, Fire & Dance Leaves & Serenity and a Flamenco exhibit with Spain's Master Rafael Amargo. Ms. Oliva-Day is presently working in a Documentary been filmed in Nepal and producing a smashing animation project to be set in Ireland.
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