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biography of Osmond, Lisa

12 July 1960, Cardiff, South Wales, UK
4' 4"
Married with two children Jo and Edd. Lisa has been in the television/film/theatre industry for just over a decade. In January 2010 she founded "Oh So Small Productions Ltd" to launch the first preschool children's costume character healthy living show "Fruitpot" (all fruits are played by short statured actors under 4ft 8ins tall).
Lisa Osmond

-   'C.G.' (1985 - present)

-   Along with her daughter Jo Osmond (II) and son Edd Osmond, Lisa now owns and manages an acting agency, "Oh So Small". The Agency represents short and dwarf actors who specialise working in prosthetics, full costume and child stand in/stunts for television, film and stage productions.

-   Barney's Beach Party

-   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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