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biography of Pallandt, Frederik van

Frederik Jan Floris Baron van Pallandt
14 May 1934, Copenhagen, Denmark
15 May 1994, Mindoro, Philippines (homicide)

-   'María Jesus de Los Rios y Coello de Portugal' (1976 - 15 May 1994) (his death); 1 child

-   'Nina van Pallandt' (qv) (1960 - 1975) (divorced); 3 children

-   Shot to death by robbers attempting to steal his boat.

-   Son of ambassador Floris van Pallandt. Mother was Else Komtesse Blücher Altona.

-   He and first wife 'Nina van Pallandt' (qv) were known as the Calypso duo 'Nina and Frederik', and were world famous in the late sixties. They toured together on the folk music scene and had many hit records in Europe.

-   In May 1994, while in the Philippines aboard his yacht, Baron Van Pallandt and his second wife were murdered by pirates.

-   In his recent book "Dope Stories," ex-drug smuggler Howard Marks claims that Van Pallandt was involved with a drugs cartel, transporting large amounts of cannabis in his own boat at the time of his murder in the Phillipines.

-   As "Nina and Frederik," the couple moved effortlessly in the 1960s between folk, calypso, pop and protest songs.

-   Is portrayed by 'Antonie Knoppers' (qv) in _The Hoax (2006)_ (qv)

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