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29 April 1954, Flint, Michigan, USA
6' 4"
Passion, persistence and performance. Those three words describe Rick Pamplin and his 36-year career in the motion picture industry. Beginning in his native Michigan as a news reporter for WEYI-TV, CBS for Flint, Saginaw, Bay City and Midland, Rick learned how to tell a story with a camera, write copy, edit, apply sound and music, make deadlines, produce on a budget and communicate with a mass audience. After attending Culver Military Academy and graduating from the Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, he continued his education at the University of Michigan-Flint while working in television. He later edited the award-winning student newspaper, The University News, and worked with friend and future Academy Award winner Michael Moore ("Roger & Me", "Fahrenheit 9/11"). Moving to Hollywood in 1976, Rick continued his education at Antioch University and had the good fortune to become neighbors with Sylvester Stallone, a little-known actor at the time. After seeing "Rocky", Rick wrote articles about Stallone for national magazines to pay for his college, studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute, worked as an extra in movies, did crew jobs and received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from Antioch. Homeless and broke, more than once, after graduation, Rick worked as a magazine editor, freelance writer, radio talk show host and screenwriter. By accident he fell into teaching screenwriting and, later, low-budget filmmaking. He became a popular Los Angeles teacher with sold-out classes, was profiled in newspapers and magazines, and sold projects to studios such as Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Pictures. He also sold film projects to The Guber-Peters Company, an independent production company, and partnered with producer Robert Kosberg ("Commando", "12 Monkeys") for several years pitching and selling movies developed in Rick's screenwriting classes. In 1994 Rick became an independent filmmaker and set up his own company at Universal Studios Florida, then the largest working movie studio outside of Hollywood. He has produced, written and directed several award-winning films including "Michael Winslow Live", "Magic 4 Morons", "Hoover" starring Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine and "A Dog's Life: The Oscar Lose Story." Pamplin also consulted and worked on several Florida-based projects including the Disney feature film "The Waterboy" starring Adam Sandler, a documentary on the popular boy band 'N Sync, and served as Creative Consultant on the nationally syndicated TV series "National Lampoon's Comedy Night School." In 2008 Pamplin relocated to G-Star Motion Picture Studios and G-Star School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida where he was appointed "Filmmaker-in-Residence." After six months, Pamplin left G-Star and is now based in North Palm Beach, Florida as an independent filmmaker, consultant and writer. The Pamplin Film Company has successfully developed and invested over $1 million in three independent feature films; "Crimebusters", "City of God" and "A Beautiful Life." Pamplin will produce the films and Ernest Borgnine ("Marty", "The Wild Bunch"), will star in and executive produce each film. Pamplin will direct the films from his own original screenplays. Pamplin Film Company consulting services continue to find success. Recent projects include a National Lampoon feature film which opened theatrically, a feature length documentary "What is the Electric Car?" distributed by Celebrity Home Entertainment and "Gator Boys" a one-hour reality series airing on Animal Planet. Passion, persistence and performance have served Pamplin well as he embarks on the biggest challenges and opportunities in his three decade-old career.
Peter Olivares

-   'Maggie Phipps Pamplin' (20 June 2002 - present)

-   Rick is the author of the legendary book "Pamplin's Selling to Hollywood Guide-1991; The Ultimate Reference Book for Screenwriters".

-   Rick is the author of the legendary book "Pamplin's Selling to Hollywood Guide-1991; The Ultimate Reference Book for Screenwriters".

-   "Focus In" (USA), January, Vol. 11, Iss. 1, pg. 8, by: Ed Donovan, "Rick Pamplin"

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