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biography of Pampolina, Damon

Damon Phillip Pampolina
6 April 1975, Houston, Texas, USA
5' 7"

-   Parents are Phil and Ginger.

-   Has an older sister named Carla D'Ann.

-   Is of Italian Descent.

-   Was raised in Clear Lake, Texas

-   TV commercial for Saturn cars (1997-98) - Guy who takes long road trip and stops off at Saturn dealerships to report "car problems." However he's only there for the complimentary jelly donuts.

-   TV commercial for Saturn automobiles

-   TV commercial for MasterCard

-   TV commercial for Marie Callender (1999)

-   Has appeared in several television commercials including Saturn automobiles & Dockers khakis.

-   Music Album "Free" 1992

-   Music Album "The Party's Over, Thanks for Coming" 1993

-   Album (as The Party), "The Party," Hollywood/Elektra Records HR-60980, 1990.

-   Album (as The Party), "In the Meantime, in Between Time," Hollywood/Elektra Records HR-61225, 1991.

-   Album (as The Party), "Free," Hollywood/Elektra Records HR-61358, 1992.

-   Album (as The Party), "The Party's Over...Thanks for Coming," HR-61578, 1993.

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