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Pape, Edward Lionel
17 April 1877, Sussex, England, UK
21 October 1944, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

-   (1912- 1935). Active on Broadway in the following productions:

-   (1912). Stage Play: Fanny's First Play. Written by 'George Bernard Shaw' (qv). Collier's Comedy Theatre: 16 Sep 1912- Apr 1913 (closing date unknown/256 performances). Cast: Kate Carlyou, 'Walter Creighton' (qv) [Broadway debut], 'Charles Croker-King' (qv) [Broadway debut], Herbert Dansey, 'Maurice Elvey' (qv), Gladys Harvey, 'Walter Kingsford' (qv), 'Eva Leonard Boyne' (qv), 'Arnold Lucy' (qv), 'Lionel Pape' (qv) [Broadway debut], Sydney Paxton, Valentine Penna, Frank Randall, 'Elisabeth Risdon' (qv), Tim Ryley, Quentin Todd. Produced by The Shuberts. Note: By the standards of pre-WWI Broadway this was considered to be a smash hit.

-   (1913). Stage Play: General John Regan.

-   (1916). Stage Play: A Woman of No Importance. (Revival). Written by 'Oscar Wilde' (qv). Fulton Theatre: 24 Apr 1916- Jun 1916 (closing date unknown/56 performances). Cast: Margaret Anglin, 'Holbrook Blinn' (qv), Carolyn Darling, Annie Hughes, Ralph Kemmett, George Le Guere, Alice Lindahl, Max Montesole, Ottola Nesmith, 'Lionel Pape' (qv), Fanny Addison Pitt, Ivan F. Simpson, Marguerite St. John, Richard Temple, George Thorne. Produced by The Estate of Henry B. Harris and Margaret Anglin.

-   (1920). Stage Play: The Young Visitors. Burlesque. Written by Mrs. George Norman and Margaret MacKenzie. Based on the book by Daisy Ashford. Directed by 'John Cromwell (I)' (qv). 39th Street Theatre: 29 Nov 1920- Dec 1920 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Kathleen Andrus (as "Lady Helena Herring"), Harold Anstruther (as "Bernard Clark"), Josephine Bernard (as "Lady Gay Finchling"), Ellen Ripley Bowles (as "A Stray Lady"), Robert Brott (as "Horace"), Florence Burdett (as "A Duchess"), Wilfrid Cawthorne (as "Railway Policeman"), Grace Dougherty (as "Daisy Ashford"), Marie Goff (as "Ethel Monticue"), Ruby Gordon (as "A Stray Lady/Rosalind"), Fredericka Greville (as "A Stray Lady"), Charles Hanna (as "Minnit"), Peggy Harvey (as "Lady in Pay Desk"), Mary Haswell (as "The Archduchess of Greenwich"), Frank Hollins (as "Procurio"), F. Serano Keating (as "Footman"), Stewart Kemp (as "1st Menial"), Roswell Lowry (as "2nd Menial"), Leslie Palmer (as "The Prince"), 'Lionel Pape' (qv) (as "The Earl of Clincham"), Marvin Rapp (as "The Earl of Tullyvarden"), Bernard Savage (as "Charles"), Albert Shrubb (as "Railway Porter"), 'Barry O'Moore' (qv) (as "Mr. Salteena"). Produced by 'William A. Brady' (qv).

-   (1921). Stage Play: June Love. Musical comedy.

-   The Faithful Heart (1922). Melodrama.

-   Lady Butterfly (1923). Musical comedy. Music by 'Werner Janssen' (qv). Book by Clifford Grey. Based on a farce by Mark Swan and James T. Powers. Lyrics by 'Clifford Grey' (qv). Music orchestrated by 'Oscar Radin' (qv). Directed by 'Ned Wayburn' (qv). Globe Theatre (moved to The Astor Theatre from 19 Mar 1923- close): 22 Jan 1923- 12 May 1923 (128 performances). Cast: Bernice Ackerman (as "Ensemble"), 'Florenz Ames' (qv) (as "Alfred Hopper"), Anna Buckley (as "Ensemble"), Louise Carlton (as "Ensemble"), Mary Carney (as "Ensemble"), Victor Casmore (as "Duval"), Diana Chase (as "Ensemble"), Ray Coffey (as "Butterfly Quartette"), Frank Dobson (as "Fisher"), Joe Donahue (as "Dancing Specialty"), Maude Eburne (as "Caroline"), Ainslee Evans (as "Ensemble"), Helen Fleming (as "Ensemble"), Marjorie Gateson (as "Enid Crawford"), Florentine Gosnova (as "Dancing Specialty/Ensemble"), Marion Hamilton (as "Ruth/Dancing Specialty"), Pearl Howell (as "Ensemble"), Raymond Hunter (as "A Policeman/Butterfly Quartette"), Allen Kearns (as "Billy Browning"), Edward Lester (as "Jack Owen/Briggs"), Muriel Lodge (as "Ensemble"), 'Nick Long Jr.' (qv) (as "Dancing Specialty"), Leonora Lukens (as "Ensemble"), Mildred Lunnay (as "Ensemble"), Jack Lynch (as "Dancing Specialty"), Lillian MacKenzie (as "Ensemble"), Gertrude Maitland (as "Mrs. Stockbridge"), Virginia McGee (as "Ensemble"), Aline McGill (as "Frances/Dancing Specialty"), Margaret McKay (as "Ensemble"), 'Lionel Pape' (qv) (as "Horatio Meak/Mr. Stockbridge"), Vere Richards (as "Butterfly Quartette"), Rosemary Sill (as "Ensemble"), Horton Spurr (as "Dancing Specialty"), Janet Stone (as "Bobby/Dancing Specialty"), George Trabert (as "Henry Crawford"), Vilheda (as "Ensemble"), Rona Wallace (as "Pansy/Ensemble"), Imogene Wilson (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Withee (as "Mabel Stockbridge"), Mark Youmans (as "Butterfly Quartette"), Carol Young (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Oliver Morosco.

-   The Second Mrs. Tanqueray (1924). (Revival).

-   The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1925). Comedy.

-   Birthday (1934). Drama.

-   Suspense (1930). Melodrama.

-   As Good as New (1930). Comedy.

-   Heat Wave (1931). Drama. Written by 'Roland Pertwee' (qv). Directed by Stanley Bell. Fulton Theatre: 17 Feb 1931- Mar 1931 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: 'Hugh Buckler' (qv) (as "James Weysmith"), Fred K. Chandrasakara (as "Club Servant"), William Cooray (as "Dawltry's Boy"), 'Henry Daniell' (qv) (as "George March"), K.A. Fernando (as "Club Servant"), Frank Henderson (as "Everard"), Betty Lawford (as "Irene March"), 'Lionel Pape' (qv) (as "Dr. Muir"), 'Hilda Plowright' (qv) (as "Mrs. Weysmith"), Enid Raphael (as "Mameena"), 'Basil Rathbone' (qv) (as "Hugh Dawltry"), 'Selena Royle' (qv) (as "Philippa March"), W. Wana Singh (as "Bahadur"), Arthur Stenning (as "Duckworth"), 'Mackenzie Ward' (qv) (as "Nicholas Fayne"). Produced by Stratford Productions Ltd.

-   Payment Deferred (1931). Drama.

-   The Fatal Alibi (1932). Drama/mystery.

-   The Lake (1933). Drama.

-   (1934). Stage Play: While Parents Sleep. Comedy. Written by 'Anthony Kimmins' (qv). Directed by 'William A. Brady' (qv). Cast: Jane Bramley (as "Bubbles Thompson"), 'Ilka Chase' (qv) (as "Lady Cattering"), 'Jane Corcoran' (qv) (as "Nanny") [final Broadway role], 'Winifred Harris' (qv) (as "Mrs. Hammond"), Alan Marshall (as "Neville Hammond"), May Marshall (as "Vincent"), 'Lionel Pape' (qv) (as "Colonel Hammond"), Charles Romano (as "Jerry Hammond"). Produced by William A. Brady. Produced in association with Leon M. Lion.

-   (1935). Stage Play: The Simpleton of the Unexpected Isles. Fantasy.

-   "Motion Picture World" (USA), 16 January 1915, pg. 379, "Lionel Pape"

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