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biography of Pavone, Rita

23 August 1945, Turin, Italy
Pavone's career begann in 1962 when she won the first edition of the "Festa degli Sconosciuti" (Unknown performing artist contest), organized by a famous singer Teddy Reno who, later, became her husband and manager. In the following 10 years Rita Pavone became one of the most famous international stars with top 10 songs such as Datemi un martello, Viva la pappa col pomodoro and Cuore which entered the UK charts in 1966.

-   'Teddy Reno' (qv) (15 March 1968 - present); 2 children

-   Two sons with Reno: Giorgio and Alessandro.

-   When they fell in love, Rita and Teddy caused a scandal in the Italy of the '60s: he was 19 years her senior and already married, and father of a baby boy. They finally married in a church in Lugano in 1968, and for the Italian law in 1971; they're still together.

-   She appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" a few times in 1964. She sang two of her hit songs which were "Just Once More" and "Remember Me".

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